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What is Publist?

A Universal Cloud Storage System Where You Can Organize All Your Files and Data Under One Tool.


  • We wanted one file manager for all of our apps
    Things were simpler when files were right on our desktop and we only needed a few folders to keep things organized. While the cloud brought many fantastic tools, our apps and data in it began to pile up.

    Now, we have our files spread across tons of apps: sitting in Dropbox, sent to us on Slack, shared on Google Drive, waiting in Docusign, attached to emails.

    We believe you shouldn't have to worry about staying organized in 10 different places. Publist is your universal cloud organization system.

  • Advanced Security
    Behind Publist is robust, tested infrastructure designed to protect your data whenever you transfer, store, or access it.

    Publist secures data in transit and at rest with industry standard encryption (AES-256). Publist is powered by the same infrastructure providers most of your current tools use. Finally, frequent backups stored offsite make data practically impervious to interruption or loss.