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What is PublishPress?

PublishPress is a content calendar plugin for WordPress that includes advanced editorial functionality. This plugin allows you to set up a master calendar within WordPress to be used to schedule tasks, share editorial comments, configure notifications etc.

It also adds a wide range of content “statuses” going beyond the basics of draft and published. Just by looking at your calendar, you can see the progress of all upcoming content. PublishPress is suitable for WordPress sites that publish content of high quality

PublishPress Features

• Editorial Calendar
• Notifications
• Content Overview
• Custom Statuses
• Editorial Comments
• User Roles
• Slack Notifications
• Slack Integrations
• Reminder Notifications
• Easily create user roles
• Add metadata to posts
• Dashboard widgets
• Notification logs
• Export calendar to Google Calendar
• Follow content that is interesting to you

PublishPress Extensions

• PublishPress Authors
• PublishPress Capabilities
• PublishPress Checklists
• PublishPress Permissions
• PublishPress Revisions