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PitchGround Mesh Discount

Mesh provides highly immersive virtual spaces that are fun & engaging. Lifetime deal available from $49
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PitchGround Mesh Discount

What is Mesh Discount?

Mesh is a software that helps you to re-create the magic of live events! Interact in a custom virtual world filled with games, music, and unique experiences for a more engaging event experience! It helps recreate the magic of live events and lets you move in and out of conversations like you would in real-life, using spatial video chat. You can choose a pre-built world that has embedded games and music, or customize your space for a fully unique experience.  With Interactive objects and games around your space with videos, images, links, or games, Mesh makes online and live events more customizable, engaging, fun, and social. Create your own virtual space for your remote team or for virtual events where people can socialize, network, bond over games, watch videos or view websites together, and enjoy themselves. Mesh is used by world-class businesses like Deloitte, Accenture, & more to keep employees engaged, build a strong remote culture, and host amazing virtual events

Key Features

The $49 starting price for this lifetime deal includes:

  • 1 Always-on Private Space
  • 10 People License
  • Full-Access to All Games – Trivia (customizable), King’s Cup, Poker, Tag, & more!
  • Broadcast Links, Video, and Screen to the Whole Group
  • Customizable Maps & Avatar Clothing
  • Stackable Plan
  • Every +1 Stacked Code = +10 People
  • 60-days Refund Policy