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ListFromText turns any text into useful lists.

Load input text. choose extractors, see the extracted lists in a filterable and sortable datatable and export it.

Thought for marketing and sales people, data managers and everyone who needs to extract meaningful data from text files.


Upload plain text, docx, xlsx, pptx and pdf files.

Extract any of the following:

* Alphanumeric values
* Bitcoin address
* Credit card numbers
* Custom Regex
* Digits
* Digits with Decimals
* Email addresses
* @Handles
* #Hashtags
* HEX colors
* IBAN numbers
* IPv4 addresses
* IPv6 addresses
* ISBN codes
* Phone numbers (E.164)
* Text between XML tag
* Web domains
* Website URLs
* Text between XML tags

View the extraction in a sortable and filterable datatable.

Export data as txt, csv or xlsx.