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What is JotUrl?

JotURL is a digital marketing optimization tool that provides professional online marketers, advertising agencies, and e-commerce businesses with a single, unified solution for managing, optimizing, comparing, and monitoring all their marketing links. With JotURL, users are treated to a wide selection of powerful tools and capabilities designed to help them leverage and measure cross-channel touchpoints, optimize their marketing budget, enhance campaign implementation and performance, and improve conversions among others. Managing and performing traditional online campaign processes such as CTAs, conversion tracking, branded links and more are costly. With JotURL, everything is under one roof, giving you total control over your marketing efforts and spend.

Key Features

  • Branded Links
  • Calls to Action
  • Conversions
  • Retargeting
  • UTM Builder
  • App Deep linking
  • Easy Deep Links
  • InstraURL
  • WhatsURL
  • Monitoring
  • Trends and Analitics