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Accelerate your business by collecting unlimited leads from your Facebook groups Lifetime deal available from $99
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Groupboss Discount

What is Groupboss?

Groupboss- an awesome chrome extension that helps you collecting information of your group members on Facebook by one single click. Groupboss allows you to build your own premium community, create valuable content & Turn your Facebook group into a revenue-generating machine. Groupboss automates your workflow and saves you from copy-pasting answers from incoming group members everyday other and low-level admin tasks.If you can save 20 min every single day, that's an extra 10 hours every month. You can use this extra time to focus on your business growth. Easy log in and get your all Group members data in a single place with all the history. Download and use your DATA as you want. You can set up three questions to answer while someone joins your group. Groupboss does the heavy lifting work to collect those answers including Emails. You can then use it for lead nurturing and closing deals

Key Features

The $99 starting price of this lifetime deal includes

  • Add up to 5 Facebook groups
  • Access to Googlesheet Configuration.
  • Unlimited Auto-Responders
  • Lifetime Update to software
  • Export all data from dashboard in CSV format
  • Create FB custom and lookalike audience
  • VIP Facebook group for users
  • Support in Facebook Page
  • 14 days refund guarantee
  • Exclusive support through (zoom/skype)