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Collect Your Family Contacts, Recipes, & Precious Memories in One Private, Safe, and Secure Place
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Familio Discount

What is Familio?

Familio is a shared inbox for families that brings together all family communication and helps keep track of appointments chores etc. Certain memories are just to be shared with your family and with Familio this becomes a reality. Give your whole family access to create private and secure family photo albums with Familio. Familio is a privacy-focused platform for family needs. Collect your family contacts, recipes & precious memories in one private, safe, and secure place. Store unlimited high quality photos in organized albums. Auto collect your contact's mailing addresses through automated reminders. Your data is safe and secure forever.

Key Features

  • Contacts. Manage your contact lists, request addresses & with automatic follow up
  • Photos. Upload & keep your photos in private photo albums; full resolution, stored forever
  • Recipes. Save & preserve all of your favorite recipes; share them with a single click
  • Newsletters. Share the big news with your family & friends; include the photo album that you've created