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Divi Switch

What is Divi Switch?

Divi Switch is a multifunctional third-party plugin for Divi and has been proclaimed to be one of the most popular Divi plugins. With Divi Switch you can make impactful changes to a website with ease. It allows you to correct and customize Divi while focusing on the most important thing, which is content and design. Divi Switch gives you over 50+ customization options, allowing users to both bypass code work and save time. It does not matter if you are a professional developer or designer, or a beginner building your own website, Divi Switch is a must-have plugin for all Divi users.

Divi Switch Features

• 5-Star Customer Support
• Import/Export
• Create Custom 404 and Maintenance Pages.
• Powerful
• Easy to Use
• Theme Customizer
• Easy, Intuitive Toggle Switch Format
• Modify the Divi Header (header and menu)
• Modify the Divi Footer
• Act on the main content
• Personalize the responsive
• Act on the comment section
• Customize archive pages
• Integrate layouts in specific locations
• Downloading SVG files
• Adding options in the customizer

New Divi Switch Features

• Create a Transparent Divi Header
• Add Hover Animations to Your Menu
• Use Shortcodes in Development
• Translate the Divi Switch Plugin