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Get Full Control of Your Displays & Unlock Access to All Available Resolutions of Your Attached Devices and Bit Depths
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Display Maestro Discount

What is Display Maestro?

Display Maestro is a menu bar app that gives you full control over attached displays, allowing the use of all available resolutions and bit depths. Latest versions of macOS strip out the useful ability to set specific resolutions and presents a more user-friendly approach. Experienced users, especially graphic designers and presenters, demand more precise control of their devices. Access exactly the resolution you need with Display Maestro's traditional Mac-like menu!

Key Features

  • All resolutions. Display list of all displays & resolutions
  • Hidden resolutions. Toggle list of unsafe resolutions
  • ColorSync. Restore ColorSync settings
  • Gamma. View the white, red, green, & blue gamma values as well as channels
  • RGB points. View the red, green & blue X,Y points
  • Transformation. View display transformation values
  • Manufacturer. View vendor codes & manufacture dates
  • Capabilities. View display capabilities like backlist, mirroring, digital, stereo, OpenGL acceleration, HiDPI capable, & AirPlay
  • Properties. View display properties simulscan, television mode, samples per pixel, pan required, display size, interlaced, bytes per row, bits per sample, & more