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What is DesignEvo?

Here we are going to review a web-based logo maker DesignEvo. It allows you to choose your favorite design and easily edit it to create simple, stylish and authentic company logos and blog materials.

DesignEvo is a logo creation tool with over 10,000 templates, simply designed for anyone to use.

What DesignEvo’s key features you can get:

  • Choose from over 10,000 templates:It’s already a fresh template, but it’s possible to modify it further to create your own unique logo.
  • Over 100 fonts available:You can freely change the design from over 100 stylish fonts, and even add and combine millions of icons.
  • Fully customizable:Aspect ratio, font, color and spacing, all can be changed freely.
  • Free and easy to use:DesignEvo allows you to download 300X300px free logos. The free plan has some limitations.
  • High flexibility with vector file:You can create high-quality SVG and PDF logo files that can be scaled to size without pixelation.
  • Saving in cloud storage and edit at any time:The logo you log in with your account and edit is saved in the cloud, so you can re-edit the data and re-download it later.

DesignEvo is very easy to use, just find the material you like from the templates displayed in each category, select it, and edit it.

Do not need any explanation anymore-please to go to the DesignEvo logo maker homepage to use its service. It is not a PC installation type, but it is software that edits on the cloud with a web browser, so feel free to access it and try the movement. You only need to create an account from the registration in the upper right, but it is entirely free.

DesignEvo comes with a very intuitive interface so you can understand even if you do not read any guidelines or learning.