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Stop Forgetting Passwords! Securely save and fill all of your passwords across the web
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DealMirror Sticky Password Discount

What is Sticky Password?

Sticky Password is a professional security tool with rich features for storing passwords to online accounts, applications and identity information in a single place. Sticky Password does everything you'd expect from a password manager and more. New biometric authentication and no?cloud WiFi sync make it an even better choice. Sticky Password allows you to create strong and unique passwords for every site that you visit and store them in an easy to use the program. Your Master Password will be your key that unlocks your password storage – only you will know what it is! Sticky Password technology is trusted by millions of people around the world. In addition to Windows, It is also available on Mac, Android, and iOS with best-in-class sync options that you control.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Encrypted Password and Data storage
  • Super secured data: AES-256
  • Automatic one-click login and form-filling
  • 2?Factor Authentication
  • Biometric Authentication
  • Cloud sync & backup, local Wi-Fi sync
  • Superstrong Password Generator.
  • Secure Digital Wallet
  • Secure Password Sharing
  • Saving Endangered Manatees
  • You'll get 1 License of Sticky Password