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Mailifier is a simple and powerful email verification tool & API. Lifetime deal available from $49
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DealMirror Mailifier Discount

What is Mailifier?

Mailifier is a simple yet powerful email verification tool that cleans up your lists and helps you improve deliverability, campaign performance, and prevents fake emails from entering your email lists ever again. With Mailifier you can validate thousands of emails with a user-friendly dashboard or with a simple API call and increase the deliverability rate of your mailing lists over 99%. Mailifier is best for: Email marketers who want to clean up their lists and improve campaign performance.

Key Features

  • Free Deduplication
  • Free misspelled email detection
  • Spamtraps removal
  • Catch-all detection
  • Anti-greylisting algorithm
  • Disposable emails checking
  • Email verification APIee