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Dealify Silentinbox Discount

Silence the noise in your inbox with AI. Lifetime deal available from $29
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Dealify Silentinbox Discount

What is Silentinbox?

Silent Inbox is an email manager that integrates with your Gmail inbox, holds distracting emails, and sends them to you in bulk at a scheduled time. It automatically detects newsletter emails, so you don’t have to sort them out yourself. You can also add particularly bothersome email addresses to your Muted List, which is perfect if you run into a mailing list with a “missing” unsubscribe button or nosy family members who break their messages into multiple emails. Silentinbox automatically identifies non-essential emails, such as newsletters, marketing offers, and a lot more. You can whitelist and blacklist emails with a single click. Silentinbox lets you flag priority senders, so their emails will always land in your inbox immediately. You can also mute senders that you don’t want to hear from ever again in just one click.

Key Features

The lifetime deal from $29 include

  • Lifetime access to Silentinbox Pro Plan
  • Email Filtering AI Gmail Add-on
  • Automatically detect non-essential emails with AI
  • Automatically filter non-essential emails with AI
  • Schedule your delivery times
  • Unlimited whitelisting
  • Unlimited blacklisting
  • Unlimited snooze options
  • Filtering Analytics
  • All future plan updates
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee