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Secure Your Logins, Passwords, Addresses, Credit Card Numbers & More in a Customizable Database
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Data Guardian Discount

What is Data Guardian?

DataGuardian is a complete program that offers customer data protection, service that helps businesses prevent, as well as quickly recover from, a data breach. Data Guardian's 448-bit strong Blowfish encryption will keep your mind at ease! The flexible and intuitive design of Data Guardian makes entering a wide range of data a breeze. Every record in databases can be custom-tailored to suit the type of information entered: address books, passwords, credit card numbers, shopping lists, or even journal entries!

Key Features

  • Limitless. Create unlimited records, collections, & fields!
  • Photo-ready. Insert pictures into records
  • Phone integration. Dial phone numbers directly from records
  • Import. Import virtually any flat-text file & map it to custom fields
  • Export. Export your database to a flat-text file for use in other programs
  • Synchrnization. Sync databases together to merge & update
  • Quick browser. Access to Data Guardian from within any application
  • Security. Up to 448-bit Blowfish encryption
  • Log. Record application activity to a log
  • Privacy. Auto-clear clipboard or quit the app after a specified interval
  • Password generator. Dynamically generate passwords based on a user specified algorithm
  • Auto-save. Databases can auto-save so that changes are never lost
  • Printing. Print a sheets of record information in a variety of formats
  • Bulk edit. Apply changes to a selection of records at the same time
  • Cross-platform. Interchangeable database format between the Mac & PC version