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What is BuddyBoss?

Sell memberships, courses, and build online communities.

We make it easy for you to build on WordPress, the World’s #1 open source platform, giving you the flexibility, control and freedom you need, to create a successful online platform.


  • Selling Courses Online
    BuddyBoss makes it easy to share your knowledge and passion, while building your audience and growing your revenue.
  • Online Communities
    An online community enables your followers or customers to connect under your brand. Members can connect and engage with each other on topics within forums and groups.
  • Online Membership Programs
    Provide value to your members while building a recurring and reliable revenue stream. Use the community and gamification features to keep your community engaged.
  • Corporate Training
    Having a central hub for training your workforce and for connecting and engaging with employees is key in succeeding in today’s competitive market. BuddyBoss helps you put the focus on the learner and the learning experience.
  • Non Profit Organizations
    Reduce on-boarding and training costs thanks to structured online courses for your employees & volunteers. Provide training for critical skills such as effective fundraising or grant proposal writing to help increase funding for your organization.
  • Online Schools & Blended Learning
    Online education is growing at a rate faster than ever. BuddyBoss helps you build a flexible learning environment that supports your students from wherever they are in the world.

New Features

Update: 20 September 2020