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Bootstrapps Selfie Studio Deal

Edit Your Photos & Get Just the Look You Want with This App's 100 Specialized Photo Editing Brushes, Filters, Blenders and More
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Bootstrapps Selfie Studio Deal

What is Selfie Studio?

Selfie Studio is a Pixarra product in the Studio series, Selfie Studio builds on the success of other Studio products by Pixarra, giving you a tool dedicated to achieving your photo vision quicker and better than other options. Selfie Studio provides you the creative tools to edit your photos to get just the look you want. With a 64-bit color painting system, this app provides you with the smoothest blends available anywhere.

Key Features

  • Advanced photo editing for selfies
  • Over 100 specialized photo editing brushes
  • Filters, photo edit, blenders, cloners, erasers, masks & basic art sets
  • Powerful brush editing & convenient sketchbook system
  • Clean user interface & different color themes
  • Clips, tracing paper & reference image support
  • Layers, transparency, symmetry & mask support