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What is BonusPress?

Bonus Press is a plugin for WordPress that allows marketers to offer buyers lucrative bonus content to incite them to buy from them.

Look at any of the top affiliates and you will see a very common theme.

Top affiliates all offer bonuses to their clients who buy through their links. The logic behind this is simple but often the execution of this strategy has left a lot to be desired. Making bonus pages for each affiliate promotion is time consuming and often the design of the pages themselves have let the entire promotion down.

This is no longer the case with the very impressive BonusPress by DigitalKickstart.

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Key Features of BonusPress

  • Get more leads and conversions per sale
  • Increase your affiliate marketing sales offering bonuses
  • Give your bonus page a professional design proven to double or even triple your conversions and affiliate commissions.
  • Create a brandable header that incorporates the product you are promoting,
  • Make a more seamless buying experience for your readers.
  • Build your list at the same time
  • 3-Step Process Funnel
  • Professional Design / Styles
  • Countdown Timer / Styles
  • Customizable Header
  • Video Area
  • Money backĀ guarantee