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Collect high-quality customer-generated reviews instantly with a revolutionary hint-based review tool.
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AppSumo Discount Coupon helps you collect keyword-filled customer reviews to improve your search engine results, entice potential customers, and build a rock-solid online image.

Customer reviews are an indispensable asset for your business, and collecting them just got a whole lot easier.

Automate your review requests and get beautiful, high-quality reviews with the option to add photos when you use’s innovative hint system.

Random sentence suggestions from your own customizable dictionary mean your customers can write great reviews, faster. is currently available in EN and seven other languages—PL, HU, LT, LV, SK, CZ, RO. With more languages on the way, you’ll reach the global audience you deserve!

Improve your site ranking and provide more value to your customers with high-quality reviews.

The real estate on your website is valuable, so make sure every inch of space counts. (Thanks, Property Brothers!) maximizes your SEO potential with valuable copy and keeps the love in-house—user-generated content in TrustMate reviews is only indexed on your website.

This unique content helps move your site to a higher position in search engine rankings, getting more eyes and traffic on your page.

Customers will be able to view ratings and reviews while they shop without ever needing to leave your site!

Plus, integrates with essential platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, OpenCart, and more, creating a seamless experience.

Get more detailed reviews with’s automated, intelligent feedback tool.

With the intelligent feedback form, you can get more detailed, specific comments from your customers instead of those generic “Pretty good.” reviews.

The auto-suggest feature makes leaving a review easier for your customers, so you’ll have even more content to choose from!

In just a few clicks, users can compose and complete 200+ character reviews, so you can finally get the reviews you’ve always dreamed about!

Once you get responses, showcase all your ratings and reviews on your site with a variety of customizable widgets. (Way better than the perfect attendance award on your mom’s fridge!)

Showcase reviews on your site with customizable widgets, so customers can easily browse feedback!

Got a negative review? It happens to the best of us (so don’t mail out that Howler just yet).

If a customer leaves a negative review, you can reach out through’s mediation feature.

Negative reviews are hidden while you chat with unsatisfied customers, so you can solve disputes and reach an agreement.

If the issue is resolved, the customer can withdraw their review without your public perception being affected!

Make review management a breeze with your own intuitive dashboard.

Sorting through review data can be a pain, but not with

You can see all your review data in a friendly, readable format with reports. (Pivot tables, begone!)

Watch the progress from your feedback requests, respond to unfavorable reviews, and improve your sales processes with buyer information.

Want to do even more with your reviews? lets you ask your customers custom questions and create surveys with open ended questions, multiple choice options, and ratings.

Use customer surveys to collect more customer insights and data for your business!

Customer reviews are the best way to provide social proof for your brand—but collecting them is as easy as getting random objects out of your dog’s mouth. (“Spit it out now, Toby!”)

With, you can simplify the review process for your customers and let everyone see why your business is awesome.

Show your website some love—straight from your customers.

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