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Get social media shares for your content from real people in your target audience.
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AppSumo Missinglettr Curate Discount Coupon

Missinglettr Curate is a platform that creates a community of content sharing for your target audience, giving you maximum organic reach.

Missinglettr Postbox has recently rebranded to Curate — same amazing features, new name!

Missinglettr Curate makes sure you’re not just getting generic shares from bots or spam accounts.

Real people with audiences in the same categories and topics as you will see your content and share it across top social media sites, giving you access to their platform.

You’ll increase your reach organically enough to make even Whole Foods blush.

Get real people to share your content with their audience and boost your reach organically!

The first step you’ll take is adding your content to the library.

You can upload blog posts, landing pages, videos, affiliate pages, and more to your Curate library.

Other members can find the content in your library, then share what they like with their audience.

This way, you’ll naturally filter for people interested in your content, increasing your reach!

Add blog posts, landing pages, videos, and more to your library to be found and shared on Missinglettr Curate!

Missinglettr Curate isn’t just about finding the best audience for your content—it’s also a great resource for finding highly relevant content from other people to share with your own audience.

This is your chance to engage followers with insightful content in your same space.

You’ll diversify posts and avoid being that guy at the party who only talks about himself (“Yeah, this actually comes up on my new podcast…”)

Simply choose the categories and topics most relevant to your business, and Curate will pick a list of great content for you to share.

You can even schedule over 50 posts a month to share with your audience.

Find relevant content for your own social channels and share super quickly.

Curate syncs with your Missinglettr analytics to let you track who’s sharing what.

After you launch your campaign, you can see how many clicks have come from your own social profiles, how many shares you’ve gotten, and which type of content generates the most clicks.

It’s all laid out for you in easy-to-understand metrics that let you capitalize on your new audience.

Use built-in analytics to track clicks, shares, and most popular content!

You’d love to get your brand out to a wider audience, without just randomly passing your content around like flyers on the street. (“Share it with your friends! …or the trash, sure.”)

Missinglettr Curate makes sure your content is seen and shared by the right people, so you can grow your audience organically while getting great shareable content in return.

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P.S. Learn how to use Missinglettr Curate like a pro by catching our training webinar replay here: Webinar Replay!