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A Simple, To-the-Point Analytics Tool That Helps You Understand Your Users' Behavior & Boost Your Conversion Rate
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AfterClick Discount

What is AfterClick?

AfterClick is an easy to use heatmap analytics tool for you and your clients. It works with any content management systems and sites such as WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Weebly, and more. Your website visitor’s cursor movements are translated into sophisticated data to help you understand your customers' behavior. Improve your conversion rate by putting the right things in the right place, see how your users are interacting with the website. It provides straightforward analytics of the whole picture without any app knowledge. Unlike Google Analytics, AfterClick is simple and to-the-point; you don’t need to learn the application first.

Key Features

  • Heatmaps to visualize user behavior
  • Replay visitor's path and track what they are doing on your site
  • Track the amount of users are visiting your site in real time
  • View hotspots for better call-to-action placements
  • View user’s cursor trails for understanding your website sales flow
  • 50 Website
  • 250K Visitors Per Site
  • Unlimited Heatmaps every month
  • Unlimited Replay Sessions
  • Unlimited Team Members