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What is 2Captcha?

2Captcha is an online service where you can buy and perform captcha solving services. As a buyer this is useful especially when it comes to automated software that needs to solve captcha's to perform their work, a prime example of this is SEO tools that submit pages and links.

There are two main people who use the 2Captcha service namely clients and workers. For clients who need captcha's solved (typically for automated software they use) they get competitive rates of just 50 cents for 10,000 solved captchas.

The other main user of 2Captcha are people who want a reliable source of income by solving captchas on behalf of clients. All you need to do this work is a computer, keyboard, and internet connection and you can begin working. They also have a stellar reputation for instant payments for the work you perform on their behalf.

Below is a short video if you are interested in this work from home opportunity.

2Captcha Promo Codes

This 2Captcha Promo Code is for clients and gives you 30% off your first order of captcha solving. On the finance page of your account (click add funds link at top of your account page) you will see the following option to enter the 2Captcha Promo Code at the bottom of the page.

To enter the promo code click the text, “2CAPTCHA PROMOCODE” and a box will appear to enter the code which you will find by clicking the “Get this deal” button after which the code will appear and be copied to your computer clipboard ready to apply at 2Captcha.

If you are looking at making money with 2Captcha get started here.