Conversion Rate Calculators

Conversion Rate Calculator

What is your Website Conversion rate?

What you need to know

Calculating a conversion rate for digital marketing is simple, all you need to know are two things.

  1. How much traffic is your website receiving? 
  2. How many conversions are you getting from your website? 


A conversion is different for every business and every business will have more than one conversion goal. In fact at a minimum you should be testing for three conversion goals which could be anything from selling your product or service or getting a new subscriber on your mailing list.

Knowing your conversion rate is important because it gives you a baseline to measure all of your advertising. For example if you know that your typical conversion rate for your service or product is 3% and you start a Facebook ads campaign that only gets 0.5% that something is amiss. It might not mean that you stop advertising on Facebook but maybe creating a special landing page just for Facebook users would do the trick. 

The key takeaway is that if you didn’t know your typical website conversion rate, you wouldn’t have known about a potential issue with your Facebook ads.

What is Possible?

Using our conversion optimization checklist, our clients have consistently seen at least a 100% improvement in their website conversion rate, which means.

  • More Leads
  • More newsletter subscribers
  • More online shop sales

When combined with a keyword opportunities report you can expect a significant increase in revenue. Use the revenue calculator to see what is possible for your business.

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Revenue Calculator

No income guarantees are being made, revenue depends on your business model and ability to serve your clients. Calculation based on 20,000 new keyword ranking opportunities with a variable position of 1-10 in Google.

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7 Tips to improve your conversions

  • Have your call to action above the fold
  • Have 1 call to actions per page of your website
  • Speed up your website so pages take a maximum of 3 seconds to load according to
  • Use a live chat or Facebook messenger bot to engage website visitors
  • Use simple language for your website copy (This applies to professional business types too)
  • For local businesses always display a telephone number ideally in the header of website
  • Address common customer concerns & objections and answer them in your website copy

More ideas and strategies in the Conversion Checklist.

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