Did you know that its possible to add the ability for your clients to add their signature to forms they fill in on your website?

All you need is the WPForms plugin. (50% off deal live here)

Here is the process for setup in three simple steps:

Step 1 – Create the form

After installing and activating WPForms on your website you will also need to install their signature addon. This what it looks like.

And here is a video explaining the process:

Once you have WPForms and the signature addon activated you' ll need to create your form if you haven't already.

When you are in the form editor you'll find the signature option under the fancy form fields section. Just click the button to add it to your form like so.

You will want to set the field as required like so.

Step 2 – Configure Form Settings

There are two main settings I would like to focus on today being form confirmations and form notifications.

Form confirmations are what your users see immediately after submitting a form and you have three options of message, show page and redirect. The last two options are particularly useful if you are doing conversion rate optimization testing as you can add your conversion code to a specific confirmation page and measure your form conversions and from what traffic source they are coming from

Form notifications are the message you and your visitors can get after a form is submitted. As the website owner you automatically get notified of new submissions but your users can also get an email notification if you want them to.

If you have added a subscribe checkbox option to your form you will need to link to your email service provider.

WPForms offers the following email marketing provider integrations

Constant Contact
Campaign Monitor

Click the save button every time you make a change to your form settings.

Step 3 – Embed your Form

After following the previous steps you now have a form ready to be placed on the pages and posts you want.

What follows is an example of how to do this using the Gutenberg editor for WordPress but please note you can also use a shortcode for WPForms to display anywhere you add it.

For Gutenberg:

Go to Pages » Add New to create a new page. Let’s name our WordPress page Service Agreement and add the agreement text.

To add the service agreement form, click on the Add Block (+) icon. Now search for the WPForms block using the search box and click on it.

Next, select your form from the drop down box to add it to your page.

Then, click on the Publish button so your form appears on your website.

There you have it you now have a form which requires a signature before being submitted to you.

I think at this point it would be a good idea to mention that this form with signature may not represent a legally binding document depending on where you are in the world and the best advice is to talk to your lawyer and show them this form you have created and discuss what it means for your business.

On the WPForms website there was a question about whether this creates a legally binding contract per UETA/ESIGN laws? And the answer from the WPForms team reiterated the point above of seeking legal advice as every country is different.

Another thing to note is that this signature addon is not available as part of the free plan of WPForms but rather the Pro plan at $199.50 (with 50% off coupon here).

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