Today we are going to have a look at a video marketing app called Lumen5.

This lightweight app is the answer to that nagging feeling you keep having where you know that your business should be doing video marketing but you just don't get round to doing it.

The excuses are numerous but they generally boil down to

  • Don't have video editing expertise
  • Don't have time to create videos

Lumen5 completely shatters both excuses as you will see in the video below.

Get started with Lumen5 for free

Are there any bonuses when buying through Bootstrapps?

Due to Lumen5 not having an affiliate marketing campaign we are not offering any bonuses when signing up.

Lumen5 tell us they are in process of investigating starting an affiliate plan after which we will provide a bonus for both free and premium accounts.

This policy could change at any time and this page may not have been updated (since publishing May 2019).

To check if a bonus is available now. Get in touch.

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