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There are many tools out there that to capture screenshots and recordings but what sets CloudApp apart is what it does next. This desktop app saves your recording to the cloud and immediately creates a link for you to share with your colleagues. Saving you valuable time and mental energy. 

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Support and Updates


Final Score


Learn more about scores near the end of this CloudApp review.

Share and AnnotateYour Screen Easily

CloudApp will save you hours communicating with colleagues and getting your point across in the clearest manner possible.

Download CloudApp for free + Bonuses Available

Introducing CloudApp

This CloudApp review will discuss why it is on our featured free apps list as a must-have tool for the enterprising growth hacker. Time is money as they say and this tool will help you save both considering you can get started for free right here. However, there are reasons to upgrade to Pro which we will look at.

And if you are looking to get the best deal on CloudApp, I will let you know on what to expect in the way of CloudApp coupon codes.

What is CloudApp?

CloudApp is a screenshot capture tool and screen recorder with the ability to annotate and markup the image you save to the cloud. This makes it useful for teaching and giving directions to other people on whatever is happening on your screen.

See below for an example of a WordPress editor marked up using Cloudapp's “Pixelate” blurring tool which is useful to block your private information on screen.

Cloudapp Annotations showing arrows, circling and pixelate tool

So at this stage you might say to yourself, “Ok so it sounds like Microsoft OneNote or maybe Snagit.”  

And yes you would be right it does the same thing those tools do especially compared to Snagit, but it goes one step further by making the next step of sharing your screenshot so much faster. This is the main benefit that sets CloudApp apart from the competition.

It's useless having a great tool to capture your screen only to waste time having to download it, open up Gmail or Slack, upload the screenshot, type a message to your colleague and then hit send. With CloudApp you create a screenshot and then a second later a pop-up shows it has copied a link to your clipboard ready for you to paste wherever you want it. 

No downloading and uploading required!

It may sound like a small thing but when you see it in action for yourself you get a much better sense for how much time it saves. In fact CloudApp sends a weekly snapshot to you via email and one thing you will see is how much time you have saved using the app. It is the main reason this app exists. 

Download the free version now to follow along in this tutorial.

All downloaded? Good, because the next question you might ask yourself is what is the difference between the free version and paid version?

CloudApp Free vs Pro

CloudApp Free

Great option to simply allow sharing of content $ Free Forever

  • Limited to 25 drops per month
  • 100MB of file storage
  • Create unlimited screenshots and annotations
  • Screen recordings and gifs limited to 15 seconds in length
  • Integrates with Zendesk, JIRA, Slack, Trello and more

Free download Popular

CloudApp Pro

More export options and controls $ 9-17 Per User Monthly

  • Unlimited everything including drops – gifs up to 1 minute
  • 1GB file bandwidth per day
  • Team collaboration features
  • Password protect links and share with specific people only
  • Brand your CloudApp file viewer
  • Improved enterprise level security
  • Store files on systems like Amazon AWS, Google, Box or custom

Sign up here

A few thoughts on the above

You would have seen in the features above the item called “Drops” and this is what CloudApp refers to anything you have created via the app. So for many 25 drops per month will be a big limitation of the free plan.

You also will see that the Pro version still has a limit on GIFs of up to 1 minute – the official response from CloudApp is that if you need over one minute, it's best to do a screen recording, which makes perfect sense.

So the next question is how it handles video recordings and a quick look at the GIFs creator.

For me personally, I am more interested in the screen recordings but will show both options for you.

How to use CloudApp?

CloudApp for Screen Recording

My first recording with CloudApp wasn't ideal as the audio seemed to “hiccup” near the end. However, this might have had something to do with my laptop being short on battery and needing to connect direct to power.

For any video work including CloudApp it's a good idea to plug in so you are not sacrificing any performance.

For the 2nd recording you can see below and judge for yourself the quality.

As you can see audio and video quality are good. I wonder if I can get rid of the finish and pause buttons during recording. If this poses a problem for you because you are using it for a production video you could always just edit that part of the screen out in your video suite later.

However, this seems like an unnecessary step and something to fix within CloudApp settings.

Now lets look at the CloudApp GIFs recorder

Looks good right!

CloudApp Pros

  • Easy to use screen capture tool
  • Shares to the cloud instantly
  • Generous free plan to start you off
  • Save time communicating key ideas
  • Pro plan is affordable

CloudApp Cons

  • Not a one time fee app
  • Can't hide buttons during video recording

Are there Up-sells?

There are no upsells with CloudApp.

The closest thing to an upsell will be if you hit your limits for drops, time recordings or file storage. CloudApp will then encourage you to to upgrade your plan. On the free plan this will happen over time as you add drops to your cloud storage but the most noticeable area initially will be the limitation on the screen recording for only 15 minutes.

CloudApp Alternatives?

The closest direct competitor to CloudApp is Snagit by TechSmith which allows for both screen capture with annotation and screen recordings, it doesn't however have a GIF's creator like CloudApp nor does it link to the cloud automatically.

To some the value proposition of Snagit may be better than CloudApp because it is a onetime fee to access the software for your computer. However, you will get an annual reminder to upgrade to the latest version of Snagit which in effect is the same as having to pay a monthly subscription like you do with CloudApp. The difference though is you don't have to upgrade Snagit every year you can just keep on using the old version forever.

This is not a decision you need to make with CloudApp as you always get the latest version as long as you pay the subscription.

There is a free demo download for Snagit here.

Final Thoughts

Is CloudApp worth the $9 per month fee compared to the onetime fee of Snagit?

It's a great question, but it does entirely depend on your workflow. If you are creating a lot of screenshots and sharing that with colleagues then yes the time you save because of the CloudApp automatic links it creates is well worth it.

If you are doing occasional screenshots, then Snagit may be the better buy.

There is also a business case to be made for the Appsumo Briefcase plan where if it has two other apps you want you will technically get CloudApp for free as part of your quarterly subscription. View the apps on offer here before signing up with CloudApp direct.

But if you first want to get an idea about whether CloudApp is a good fit for you the free plan will make it crystal clear to start.

Get started with CloudApp for free.



User Interface (UI/UX)




Support and Updates


Final Score


Reason for scores

The 90% low for their user interface is only because of the quirk noticed when using the screen recorder and how the pause and finish buttons don't hide. There is also the recurrent issue where it has to reconnect to the cloud due to my VPN.

The features scored highly because of the ability to record screenshots, videos and GIFs with immediate saving to the cloud for sharing. Brilliant!

The pricing score at 95% reflects the value proposition of such a timesaving tool available for free and Pro at just $9 per month.

The support score at 95% is a testament to the continued CloudApp development and software updates for both Mac and PC.

Share and AnnotateYour Computer Screen Easily

CloudApp will save you hours communicating with colleagues and getting your point across in the clearest manner possible.

Download CloudApp for free + Bonuses Available

CloudApp Coupon or Discount?

The only CloudApp discount is for annual pricing where you will save 10%. So, for example, the $10 per month plan becomes $108 per year.

However, there is an Appsumo bundle deal where you get CloudApp included along with many other high value apps for one low quarterly fee. It's the type of deal where if at least two of the apps interest you it will work out more cost effective to get the bundle.

Learn more about the Appsumo bundle here. 

Or sign up to a free account with CloudApp here. 

Here are any other CloudApp coupon codes found below (if any).

How to claim CloudApp Bonuses?

Looking for a bonus when purchasing CloudApp? 

Well, congratulations you have landed on the absolute best bonus you will find on the web for CloudApp. Buy any CloudApp plan and receive one free WordPress app/plugin of the same value (yearly) as your CloudApp plan. You have over 3,000 plugins to choose from, so it guarantees you will get something you need for your website. 

What type of bonus plugins are available? (Here are five of the best)

Gravity Forms

Still the best form builder for WordPress after all these years.

Divi Theme

Divi by Elegant Themes is one of the best website building experience for WordPress.


LifterLMS is the best solution for selling courses and managing students on WordPress.


WordPress crashes happen and UpdraftPlus is the backup you need to get up and running quicker.


OptinMonster is the most powerful and easy-to-use pop-up builder for WordPress.

What bonus does this work out to?

  • Individual Pro Plan – $108 bonus free app
  • Team Pro Plan – $175 bonus free app
  • Business Pro Plan – $555 bonus free app

N.B. Right click any affiliate link on this page to open in a new private/incognito window to ensure your bonus claim.

To claim a bonus pack use this form.

Share and AnnotateYour Screen Easily

CloudApp will save you hours communicating with colleagues and getting your point across in the clearest manner possible.

Download CloudApp for free + Bonuses Available

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