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I well know WPMU Dev for their excellent plugins to make WordPress more powerful but with the addition of hosting they are now one of the best WordPress support services you can buy.

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Introducing WPMU Dev

This WPMU Dev review will look at the value proposition of this “All-in-one” WordPress solution. I wrote it today after getting an email about one of their plugins being updated and being amazed that they are giving it away for free. This is a strategy that has worked really well for them and why I am writing this today so you can get your hands on some of the best plugins for WordPress right now. 

And if you are looking to get the best deal on WPMU Dev, I will let you know on what to expect in the way of WPMU Dev coupon codes.

What is WPMU Dev?

WPMU Dev used to just be the home of premium WordPress plugins to give you more options and features when building websites. These functions included things like:


  • WordPress site migrations from one host to another
  • Form, quiz and polls builder
  • WordPress Security
  • A marketing and email lead capture plugin called Hustle
  • WordPress performance booster
  • WordPress backups
  • Image compression
  • Smart Crawler for SEO
  • Course management for accepting online students
  • White labeling (perfect for design agencies)
  • Custom sidebars
  • Membership plugins

And this is just their featured plugins there are so many more to choose from that this review would literally have to become a thesis to discuss them all.

Now you eagle eyed readers would have noticed at the beginning of my intro I said WPMU Dev used to just be the home of all the premium plugins mentioned but a lot has changed and the value proposition of WPMU Dev has become so much more compelling because now as part of your membership fee you also get excellent tier 1 WordPress optimized hosting. So not only do you get great new features with the plugins but you can be confident your site will load quickly and be enjoyable for people who visit you online. I can't overstate the importance for this.  

It's compelling stuff especially when you think other WordPress focused hosting like WPEngine cost $35 per month and don't give you all these extra plugin functions of WPMU.

Who is the founder of WPMU Dev?

James Farmer

James Farmer is the CEO of Incsub, Edublogs and WPMU Dev. 

He has a team of 94 (at time of writing) other employees, many of which focus on development which is not surprising considering the rate they pump out plugins and updates.

This is not a one-man band as you will see and any issues or feature requests you may have will be taken care of speedily. In fact, at this size I would place WPMU Dev as one of the largest WordPress focused companies in the world right now which is an excellent achievement.

How to use WPMU Dev?

The onboarding process for WPMU Dev is simple. Sign up to a trial and then add your first website. They will then present you with options for the plugins and themes you can add to your site or you can use their migration tool to bring over your old website data.

Now with all the plugins, there is no one simple answer to how to use it as there are so many plugins many of which have very generous free plans to get you started. So, for example, if you are in the brainstorming phase you can Google something like “Adding a quiz WPMU Dev” and you would then see their plugin called Forminator which allows you to add BuzzFeed style quizzes with pictures to your website. You get this feature as part of the free plugin, not just the premium version.

Because the range of plugins and solutions they have is so vast using that strategy of typing in a question and adding WPMU Dev will probably find the answer you are looking for. And when you are a member and you have a unique feature you want added to a plugin, they have a large enough team of developers to act on any credible feature request.

But for this “How to Guide” I will discuss the WPMU dashboard which is the “brain” of the whole operation when you are a member. It is especially useful when you have multiple websites as it gives the ability to update plugins across all sites automatically which saves a tremendous amount of time (Everyday I login into WordPress and there are updates so this is a time saver).

See a video below.


WPMU Dev Key Features

  • WordPress Security plugins
  • WordPress performance plugins
  • Automatic theme and plugin updates
  • WordPress Backups
  • SEO focused plugins
  • Reports and dashboards to manage all sites
  • Unlimited sites (arguably their best feature) considering it includes website hosting
  • Many third party integrations to choose from
  • Free 30 day trial
  • Over 740,000 happy users
  • Money back guarantee

WPMU Dev Pros

  • Value proposition so much better with hosting included
  • A plugin for everything you could want
  • Makes your WordPress so much more snappy
  • Stellar support and regular auto updates
  • Usability of apps is one of the best on the market now
  • 30-day free trial to get you up and running
  • Money back guarantee

WPMU Dev Cons

  • $49 per month may be too much for some
  • You still might need other plugins to get your result
  • Doesn't have a page builder plugin anymore like Thrive Architect

Are there Up-sells?

There is no upsell with WPMU Dev.

Sign up the 30-day trial and they immediately present you with a pop-up onboarding process to get your first site up and running. This is one reason I gave them such a high Usability (UI/UX) score because throughout the whole process of setting up sites and adding plugins you can feel the work the designers and developers have put in to make your life easier.

WPMU Dev Alternatives?

There is not an easy answer to this as there are many solutions out there that give you access to a range of WordPress themes and plugins for a monthly membership fee. 

Thrive Themes comes to mind who make plugins that are even more feature rich than WPMU Dev but you don't get website hosting, but they are cheaper at $19 per month.

Thrive Themes are head and shoulders above WPMU Dev specifically with two of their apps called Thrive Architect (WPMU Dev no longer offers a page builder like this) and Thrive Leads. So I definitely encourage you to check out Thrive Themes before making a commitment to WPMU Dev.

Then you have a new entrant who are directly trying to compete with WPMU Dev and they call themselves 10web

They offer you a large range of plugins and hosting just like WPMU Dev but their plans start from $12.50 per month for one site.

So is there an alternative to WPMU Dev? Yes and no, I encourage you to check out WPMU Dev, Thrive Themes and 10Web and talk to their live chat and support teams before buying and then decide.

Do I recommend WPMU Dev?

It's hard to argue with the value proposition with WPMU Dev – they make some of the highest-rated WordPress plugins with consistent 4.5+ stars out of 5 from thousands of users. And now getting hosting for the same price as before when it wasn't included puts it right up there with one of the best deals around especially if you have multiple websites.

So yes, I recommend WPMU Dev for some but for example myself I don't use WPMU Dev as I have certain requirements that are best served by other plugins I have to pay for. A prime example of this is a tool like Elementor or Thrive Leads and more advanced form requirements best served by Gravity Forms

But for many WPMU Dev works out as a compelling value proposition especially if you have over 5 websites where the website hosting I use WPX Hosting becomes about the same price as the WPMU Dev membership.

So it's a long-winded recommendation I know, but it's good for you to have all the facts when committing.

The good thing though is they have a free trial which you can start with today.


WPMU Dev Coupon or Discount?

WPMU Dev are quite well known for not discounting their premium service but from time to time they do have promotions where you can get bonuses. You will find these type of deals around events like Black Friday or 4th of July. 

The best way to be kept in the loop is to sign up to the free trial and you will get the emails as soon as a deal is live.

I will display any other WPMU Dev coupon codes found below (if any)

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