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Introduction: OptinMonster is no longer just a WordPress plugin even though it began as one. It is arguably the most feature filled of all the plugins mentioned on this page and for that you pay a premium ranging from $9-$49 per month.

Why it's on this list? Easy to use, yet incredibly feature filled

Pricing: $9-$49 per month (Certain features only available on higher tier plans)

Notes: As OptinMonster is now an SAAS tool it requires you to login to the online portal to manage your pop-up settings.


Full OptinMonster Features & Review

What are the best OptinMonster Features?

OptinMonster is easy to use with it's drag and drop builder and has an easy to follow web interface to guide you to the more advanced settings if and when needed. The team at OptinMonster take usability seriously and it shows in the app and how quickly you can get professional pop-ups up and running. It also helps that they have talented graphic designers who have made a large library of templates for you already! Just click and add your text – Simple!  

Another standout feature is it's reporting and analytics suite where you can see what little changes make to your popup conversion rate. You will need access to the A/B testing tool for this – available in the Plus Plan at $19 per month.

One final standout feature is Smart Success which addresses users on your website who have already signed up to a popup offer by not showing that to them anymore but rather another popup or none at all. This is big and arguably worth the price of admission alone because the biggest reason for pop-up failure is showing the wrong pop-up at the wrong time. 

This leads us nicely onto discussing the targeting options available in OptinMonster. 

What OptinMonster Targeting Options are available?

OptinMonster gives you the most controls over where and how your popups appear across your website of all the plugins mentioned on this page. 


You can make your pop-ups appear based on:
  • Scrolling by user on page
  • Time on Site 
  • Time Windows
  • User Inactivity
  • User click (Great for two-step opt-ins for example)
  • Exit Intent
Next you can target your pop-ups based on:
  • Specific Page/Post/Custom
  • Referring URL
  • New vs returning user
  • Cookie
  • Country
  • Device
  • Adblock usage

How to use OptinMonster?

The core of the OptinMonster user experience is their drag and drop builder which you can see in action below (note the elements blocks on the left).

Once you are finished dragging and dropping the elements you want to appear you will notice at the top you have the additional settings for display rules, integrations with third party apps like email service providers, analytics and finally the publish button.

On WordPress you will also need to install the plugin to get the best experience of which types of custom content you want the popups to appear on.

Learn more about OptinMonster

Best Price to Value Option

Thrive Leads is not the cheapest on this list but it represents the best value proposition in terms of features to price. It comes highly recommended from many top marketers and only costs $67 once off for a one site license.

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Introduction: Thrive Leads come to you courtesy of veteran digital marketer Shane Melaugh and has an ever expanding list of features being added to it.

Why it's on this list? Represents the best value proposition for the features you get,

Pricing: $67 for one website, $97 for 5 sites and $147 for 15 sites. Also available as part of Thrive Themes membership.

Notes: There are a lot of excellent features available but it suffers slightly for this in terms of ease of use compared to OptinMonster.


Full Thrive Leads Features & Review

What are the best Thrive Leads Features?

One of the main features of Thrive Architect is how you can customize everything you see. Most popup builders only allow you to customize certain main elements but with Thrive Leads you have a full design suite at your disposal. What extra padding or margins around certain elements and add custom coding to one element are just a few examples of what can be done. This is accomplished because the drag and drop builder of Thrive Leads is based on a complete editing suite and page builder called Thrive Architect. Because it is a full page builder you have a lot more scope when it comes to design.

Another interesting feature is Smart Links which allows you to send custom links to people who have already subscribed to your offer so that they don't see irrelevant offers anymore but new offers designed just for them. This is an amazing feature for boosting conversion rates and loyalty with the people you worked so hard to get on your list in the first place. 

See a video demo of it below.

What Thrive Leads Targeting Options are available?

Thrive Leads gives you an immense amount of control over how popups are displayed. As mentioned already it can even allow you to display completely different offers to existing subscribers too. Here is a full list of options.


You can make your pop-ups appear based on:
  • Exit Trigger
  • Time Trigger
  • Scroll Trigger
  • Click Trigger
Next you can target your pop-ups based on:
  • Specific Page/Post/Categories/Tags
  • Custom Post Type 

How to use Thrive Leads?

When adding a new form Thrive Leads will ask you how you want to display your pop-up (in other words where it shows) and how you want it triggered such as when a user scrolls 50% down the page. After you have these settings in place you click the pencil button which allows you to edit the pop-up that your users will see. This looks as follows.

The main interface to design your pop-up is through their drag and drop editor based off Thrive Architect as seen in the screenshot to the left.

Being a full page builder there are more options here than any of the other pop-up builders giving you complete control of the design. The menu on the left dynamically changes each type you select an element to give you further options to control it such as adding padding, borders and even animations. All in all this is the most complete pop-up designer on this list.

Once you have finished your design you press publish and the pop-up will be live based on the criteria you specified on the previous page.

If you don't see a pop-up this could be due to how Thrive Leads works based on an order of priority system. So for example if you have a lead group with two hello bar style pop-ups only the pop-up that you drag to the top of the lead group will be shown. If you want the other ribbon to display you will need to create another lead group with that pop-up at the top order of it.

It is for this reason that I mentioned in the introduction that Thrive Leads as powerful as it is, is not as easy and intuitive to use as the likes of OptinMonster. 

Learn more about Thrive Leads

Best budget option (initially)

For just $24 you can get access ConvertPlus. Not bad for a plugin that calls itself the most advanced pop-up plugin on the market but it's good to remember that there is a Pro version of this for a further $99 that they base this claim on. The $24 option is still excellent though and why it receives this award.

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Introduction: An all round to performer from the same people who brought you the likes of Astra, which is one of the best WordPress templates on the market. Comes with advanced features like A/B testing but no drag and drop builder.

Why it's on this list? Excellent combination of features and the best price of all plugins listed

Pricing: $24 with a Pro option upgrade which includes drag and drop builder

Notes: No drag and drop builder interface for designing popups included in the $24 version.


Full ConvertPlus Features & Review

What are the best ConvertPlus Features?

The thing that stands out the most for me is just how much you are getting for a paltry $24. 

To get access to all these types of pop-ups with full control over how and where they display and advanced functions like connecting it to the WordPress commenting system to collect leads make this plugin a strong contender for best in class and not just cheapest option.

What ConvertPlus Targeting Options are available?

There are many options for this including a few novel ones unique to ConvertPlus:


You can make your pop-ups appear based on:
  • Scrolling by user on page
  • Time on Site 
  • User Inactivity
  • User click (Great for two-step opt-ins for example)
  • Short code
  • Before or after post (inline forms)
Next you can target your pop-ups based on:
  • Specific Page/Post/Custom
  • Referring URL
  • New vs returning user
  • Cookie
  • Logged in users
  • Device

How to use ConvertPlus?

Not being drag and drop the first step is to choose the template you want to customize. Fortunately there are over 100 to choose from so you should find something that fits your requirement.

Once you have chosen the template you begin editing certain fields like:

  • Form fields
  • Text
  • Colors and Animations

See a screenshot below of the basic interface:

Best for WordPress Pros

This is a powerful plugin for WordPress professionals because of its specific features integrated into the WordPress core and how it works with tools like WooCommerce to offer you unique marketing features for your online shop.

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Introduction: This is the most popular of the WordPress popup plugins with a 5 star rating on nearly 3000 reviews probably because of their very generous free version they have.

Why it's on this list? Unique features specific to the WordPress ecosystem

Pricing: Free version and $192 per year for all 16 extension bundles (or $15 each)

Notes: Editing experience is simple and not drag and drop friendly


Full Popup Maker Features & Review

What are the best Popup Maker Features?

When talking about Popup maker you really have to focus on it's WordPress specific integrations. It doesn't have the best design and easiest to use interface but what it does have is endless possibilities to do some pretty clever WordPress party tricks.

For example if you use WooCommerce you can target popups based on what is in someone's cart, or their license and purchasing data. And with web hooks you can make this plugin pretty much do anything you want if you have some knowledge of coding. This is why I gave this plugin the award title “Best for WordPress Professionals” because it really is.

Another standout feature would be it's unique cookie system where you can embed cookies when people close a popup, open a popup and convert. The convert cookie is especially useful so that you can target different offers to people who have already converted kind of like the Smart Links technology in Thrive Leads and the Smart Success technology in OptinMonster.

What Popup Maker Targeting Options are available?

The free version of Popup maker only allows triggering based on click and time. If you want more triggers you will need to buy extensions for scroll and exit intent. The extensions retail for about $15 each or you can get all 16 for $192 per year. 


You can make your pop-ups appear based on:
  • Click
  • Time 
  • Scrolling by user on page
  • Exit Intent 
Next you can target your pop-ups based on:
  • Specific Page/Post/Custom
  • User (roles, logged in and other user activities)
  • Referral source
  • Cookie
  • Device
  • Query Parameter 

How to use Popup Maker?

Popup maker has the simplest interface of all the plugins mentioned on this page. It's pretty much identical to editing in vanilla WordPress with a few extra options for things like targeting. There are no themes for you to edit but there is a theme editor which is in no way the same thing as the other templates mentioned on this page. It definitely is a bit more fiddly but once you have played around with it and seen how powerfully it can connect with all the other aspects of WordPress I know you pro's out there will think this is a worthwhile compromise.

You can see the basic editing experience of Popup maker below.

See how vanilla it is!

Best for Flexibility

Another SAAS tool that allows you to use this on all your website and not just WordPress. Unique pricing model means this tool could work out significantly cheaper than other SAAS tools like OptinMonster or Sumo.

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Introduction: Popup Domination has an incredible set of features available for a flexible per view pricing model. This can make it more affordable than the similar OptinMonster.

Why it's on this list? Excellent feature list which based on traffic could be significantly cheaper than OptinMonster. 

Pricing: $9-$29 per month (Based on views of your popups)

Notes: Popup Domination is a SAAS tool just like OptinMonster and requires you to login to the web app to edit.


Full Popup Domination Features & Review

What are the best Popup Domination Features?

Being a SAAS tool does give Popup Domination tremendous flexibility if you own a number of websites as you are not tied down to just using WordPress. The only issue with most SAAS tools is they can cost quite a bit but with the unique pricing model of $9 per month for up to 10,000 views or the even more affordable annual option of $54 you really are getting a great deal for enterprise level popup features.

Combine this with great design and a few unique triggering options such as object mouse over and you have a winning solution that should definitely be on your shortlist of popup choices.

What PopUp Domination Targeting Options are available?

Popup Domination is on par with OptinMonster when it comes to targeting and triggering options.


You can make your pop-ups appear based on:
  • Scrolling depth
  • Time on Site 
  • User Inactivity
  • Exit Intent
  • Total time on site
  • Object mouse over
  • User click (Great for two-step opt-ins for example)
Next you can target your pop-ups based on:
  • Specific Page/Post/Custom
  • Referring URL
  • Country
  • Device

How to use Popup Domination?

PopUp Domination is not a true drag and drop builder like it's closest competitor on this page OptinMonster but it does make up for this by having a set of well designed templates that you can then customize with the visual editor.

Before you add your first popup you will have to add a domain name to your account as it asks you which website you want a popup to be associated with. After you have added a domain just click popups and then it will allow you to edit the elements, text and colors associated with the popups.

You will see a screenshot below of the visual editor after I chose a particular template:


This is what a visual editor looks like

Pop-Up Awards

Best in class

OptinMonster has a perfect balance of ease of use and marketing features. From $9 to $49 per month.

Best Price to Value Option

Thrive Leads is the best value for what you get especially for marketing features at just $67-$147 once off.

Budget Option

ConvertPlus is $24 and gives you a large range of features but not quite to the same level as Thrive Leads offers.

WordPress Pros

Pop-up maker is 5 star rated and has numerous web hooks designed just for WordPress.


Pop-up Domination is an SAAS tool with flexible pricing from $9-$29 per month based on the views your pop-up gets.

Wild Card Entry

Bloom by Elegant Themes has novel features allowing targeting of pop-ups on comments & WooCommerce orders, it's worth a look.

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