A2 Hosting now offers Managed WordPress Servers

A2 Hosting has always been a top performer for the best bang for your buck on shared hosting but now for a little more you can get so much more if you have a WordPress site.

In this A2 Hosting review we will focus on their WordPress managed server plans. If you want more information on their more affordable shared hosting options, you can find that here (and pay special attention to the turbo options, which are superb.)

What is A2 Managed WordPress Hosting?

Whenever you see the words Managed Hosting, you know you are paying for a service designed to reduce the headaches most website owners will experience when choosing to manage their own servers. 

With the A2 Managed Hosting service you are getting access to the always excellent A2 Hosting servers with the addition of them being configured to get the maximum WordPress performance. Why does this matter?

Because of how WordPress stores data it requires a special server to deal with all the database queries being placed on it. What this ultimately means for you the WordPress website owner is that it can often feel slow and sluggish not only for you editing the website but also your users reading it. This is a big issue not only because it will annoy you whenever working on your website but it will annoy users and cause them to abandon your website and lose your sales. 

Several specialized hosting companies have emerged recently to deal with this issue that focus on WordPress server optimization.

It is good to see A2 Hosting joining the party here because they are renowned for performing well with their shared servers and they are a welcome addition to the WordPress space.

See all the features of A2 Hosting WordPress servers.

Who are the founders?

bryan muthig A2 Hosting
Bryan Muthig

A2 Hosting was founded in 2001 by Bryan Muthig (with his strong background as a UNIX system administrator). The company originally launched as a hobbyist project that provided servers to Bryan and a few of his friends. 

From these humble roots in their two-man office in Ann Arbor Michigan, it has now grown into a powerhouse website hosting company with thousands of clients around the world with multiple data centers all over the world. 

How to use it?

Sign up to any of the plans and an easy to follow on-boarding process will get you setup with WordPress installed on your server.

But before you do, note the A2 Hosting Coupon code mentioned further down the page as this will drop the price of the popular three site plan to $11.99 per month (Usually $18.99).

If you need any further help open a live chat and the team will help you in a myriad of ways including even setting up WordPress and activating plugins for you. You will feel good at that moment you chose a managed server when you see how attentive they are to these types of requests.

A2 Hosting Key Features

A2 Hosting's Managed WordPress service provides automatic optimizations and features right out of the box so you can run scalable, high performing and secure WordPress sites with ease: 

A few standout features include:

A2 Hosting Client Reviews

These are just three of the most recent reviews at the time of writing but the latest A2 Hosting Reviews can be found here.

Next I would like to compare A2 Hosting with what I feel is one of their primary competitors namely WPX Hosting.

A2 Hosting vs WPX Hosting

A few thoughts on the above

First off, there is a valid A2 WordPress Hosting coupon code which drops the price to $11.99 per month – coupon link further down the page. 

And I will update this post soon when we complete a performance test of A2 Hosting vs WPX. My initial thoughts are that WPX will blow A2 Hosting out the park in terms of performance as that is what they have been doing to all the other competitors including premium servers like Kinsta, Cloudways and WPEngine.

However don't rule out A2 Hosting just because of this as they have some interesting features like automatic plugin and theme updates which is a real time saver and could be well worth it to you even if it sacrifices a millisecond of performance to get it.

But this is all speculation and I will update this post once I have the speed test results and who knows A2 might even win that which would make it one of the easiest recommendations ever if you rely on WordPress for your websites.

A2 Hosting Pros

A2 Hosting Cons

Are there Up-sells?

Yes, there are always up-sells with hosting companies with the most obvious one being for domain names which you will need if you want your website to be open for business to the public.

It's important to choose one trusted provider for domain names as there is nothing worse than having all these separate accounts when it comes time for domain name renewals. I would normally recommend Namecheap because they offer the best deals but you may wish to have the convenience of having them registered at your website host so all those areas of your website management are in one place.

A2 Hosting Alternatives?

There are no shortage of options for website hosting. However for hosting companies with WordPress focused servers here is a better shortlist for you to consider.

Do I recommend A2 Hosting?

I would recommend A2 Hosting solely on their reputation in the shared hosting space and the fact they are renowned for their support service to webmasters like you. This level of support only increases when you choose a managed option like this we have been discussing.

In terms of this WordPress managed server, for me it all comes down to speed and being able to handle large data loads and WP database requests, which is when I will update this post to compare it directly to what I use on this website WPX Hosting.

Even if A2 cannot compete with WPX, there are a few standout features that would still make it worth your consideration including a free license to Jetpack and their automatic updating of WordPress, themes and plugins which WPX does not offer. Another feature worth noting is their focus on security through ping back protection.

So yes, it's a thumbs up for me especially if you are using a shared server. Get started with A2 hosting here.

Get started with A2 Hosting

Managed WordPress servers for speed & security

A2 Hosting Coupon or Discount?

There is literally always a coupon code or promotion being run for A2 Hosting and the best thing is to visit the website and open a chat window and talk to one of the sales rep. They will tell you the best deal for the service you are after whether it be a new domain name or hosting services.

I will display any other A2 Hosting coupon codes we find below (if any).

How to claim A2 Hosting Bonuses?

Looking for a bonus when purchasing A2 Hosting? Well, you are in the right place because when you use any link on this page to buy you can claim one of the premium bonus packs below.

Important: Right click the link and open in a new private/incognito window to ensure your claim with us.

If you purchase, we can offer you ONE of our premium bonus packs for A2 Hosting. We have lined up great gift packs in the following categories.

  • Website and Graphic Design
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Conversion and analytics
  • Video Marketing
  • SEO Marketing
  • Social Media
  • eCommerce
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Marketing and PR

For more details on all these bonus packs visit imdiscountcodes.com to express your interest.

Get started with A2 Hosting

Managed WordPress servers for speed & security
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