A new page builder for one low price, could it be?

Coming from Mario Brown who is a stand up guy in the online marketing world this is one to stand up for and take notice. But can it live up to the high standards of other top rated page builders like Beaver Builder and Thrive Architect? 

In this review of Page Builder Pro by Mario Brown we are going to take a look at how this tool can create the pages you need as an online marketer to stand out from the crowd.

As part of the review we are going to present a special offer to get the best discount on Page Builder Pro and details on how to claim one of our legendary bonus packs.

If you are already convinced and just wanting to claim the special offer and bonuses you can do so here (Remember right click link and open in new incognito window to ensure your bonus claim).

What is Page Builder Pro?

Page Builder Pro as the name suggests is a page builder that allows you to create sales pages, landing pages, full-blown funnels and websites using it's drag and drop interface. Page Builders really are all the rage right now and for good reason as they allow you to create websites for yourself and clients that make you look like a professional designer. This is so important because back in 1996 having an ugly website still worked but now in 2018 with all the competition and improvements in HTML and Internet speed it's important to have a website that is pleasing on the eye and funnels people to your conversion points.

Trying to do this with basic HTML coding is a nightmare and even using some of the popular CMS's like WordPress don't make it easy to get designer results and this is where a tool like Page Builder Pro enters to save the day.

Have a look at how the editor looks paying special attention to the red arrow showing all the element blocks you can add to your pages.

A lot of elements designed specifically with marketers in mind.

I was impressed with the sheer scope of elements that were available for use in your designs. It definitely has been designed with the needs of marketers and affiliate marketers in mind with elements like call to action buttons, pricing tables, testimonials and even a “How it works” block clearly designed for affiliate marketers doing reviews.

So if you fall into the category of a marketing professional Page Builder Pro is something to check out ASAP. I say that because I have been notified that there will be special pricing for the first 5 hours to lock in the best price and also the price is going up everyday during the launch.

View a demo of Page Builder Pro now

Who are the founders of Page Builder Pro?

Page Builder Pro is proudly brought to you by Radu Hahaianu, Mario Brown and the Bravinn Technologies team of developers and support staff. They are promising you access to the software for a one-time fee with no ongoing costs, which is rare for page builders that typically charge annual fees to continue to get support and updates.

It was the mention of Mario Brown that got my attention in regards to this launch I will be perfectly honest and I'm sure he has chosen these people with care and they will deliver. Based on initial video demos I have seen and the sales page (see it here) built using Page Builder Pro look promising but the real key will be how they continue to support and update the product.

I am encouraged by the fact of seeing a development company (Bravinn Technologies) and not just one or two people behind it which should bode well. For those that are interested Bravinn Technologies are based in Lahore, Pakistan.

How to use Page Builder Pro?

  1. Login to the Page Builder Pro online dashboard.
  2. Choose a template 
  3. Add content blocks with your desired images and text
  4. Save and publish your work
That last point deserves a special mention in that it allows you to publish and export your work to HTML or a connected WordPress site, which is handy. There is no mention of a WordPress plugin at the moment but I'm sure that is something on the cards to make the process even more seamless for all of us who use WordPress.

TIP: After playing around with the editor for a bit I started to get the hang of it and could see how some really attractive and well designed pages could be made. However the first template I chose was a disaster it looked amateurish and not professional like with what I have seen with other builders like Beaver Builder. That being said though that was just one template and the others did look good. But my top tip when first trying out Page Builder Pro for yourself is not to use a template at all but rather add the building blocks because most of these work well and look good. I know this will save you some frustration in the beginning as you get used to what Page Builder can and cannot do.

Page Builder Pro Key Features

Page Builder Pro Pricing

A few thoughts on the above

If you do any client design work the commercial license is a must.

And the pricing above reflects the best pricing for Page Builder Pro for the first 5 hours of launch – I am fold that there will also be price increases everyday of the launch. What the final price will be I'm not sure but considering it's a one time fee it will still be signifcantly cheaper than other options like Beaver Builder or Thrive Architect.

But with that said it makes sense to get the best price you possibly can.

Are there Page Builder Pro Up-sells?

Yes there are with a total of four one time offers (OTO) which include:

OTO 1: 50+ Extra Templates & Niche Sites (Doctors, Contractors etc.)

OTO 2:PRO Version With Additional Features & Functionality

OTO 3:Resell Rights + Training Course

OTO4: Software Bundle (SEO, Autoresponder, Video Builder)

Each of the OTO's go up in price everyday of the launch so bear that in mind too.

Page Builder Pro Alternatives?

The immediate thing that came to my mind are options like Beaver Builder and Thrive Architect.

However these are proper page builders with many more advanced features and abilities to edit layouts than Page Builder Pro and for that luxury you do have to pay ongoing fees. Beaver Builder is an annual license fee and Thrive Architect charges for access to support but not for ongoing updates.

So in essence if you are purely after the best deal Page Builder Pro followed closely by Thrive Architect would be your go-to choice.

Many of you will be more than satisfied with what you get with Page Builder Pro but if you find yourself wanting more check out either Thrive Architect or Beaver Builder at their slightly more premium pricing.


Do I recommend Page Builder Pro?

You are going to be blown away by Page Builder Pro and I don't say that lightly.

The ability to easily create good looking pages for your website and even complete funnels for just one low price is something you never see in this space and if you do the quality is not usually up to scratch.

But with Page Builder Pro and Mario Brown (stand up guy) putting his name on it you can rest assured you are getting a quality product that will be well supported.

So for this reason I 100% recommend you try Page Builder Pro whilst also checking out another solution like Thrive Architect. Play around with both as they have money back guarantees and then make your final choice!

Get started with Page Builder Pro

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Are there Page Builder Pro Bonuses?

Yes we are offering you a choice of ONE of 10 Bonus packs if you decide to purchase Page Builder Pro using any of the links on this page. Each one of these bonus packs has a retail value of over $3000 each and includes a combination of courses, ebooks and even fully functional plugins and apps to support your investment into this tool.

But and this is very important make sure to check out the “How to claim section below” to ensure you qualify for this promotion.

Are there Page Builder Pro Coupons or Discount?


There is no Page Builder Pro Coupon code but there is a special early bird price valid for the first 5 hours of the launch that allows you access to the personal license for $27 and the commercial license for $37. I am also told that the price will be going up everyday so you need to be quick to lock in the best price. 

How to claim Page Builder Bonuses?

It is very important that if you want to claim any of the bonuses on offer that you right click and open in a new incognito window. This allows your purchase to be correctly allocated to us so that we can provide the bonuses to you. Once you have purchased email us at support at paultherond.com including your proof of purchase. We will then confirm and get back to you with your bonus claim – see below for choices.

If you decide to purchase we can offer you ONE of our premium bonus packs. We have lined up some great gift packs in the following categories.

  • Website and Graphic Design
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Conversion and analytics
  • Video Marketing
  • SEO Marketing
  • Social Media
  • eCommerce
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Marketing and PR

For more details on all these bonus packs visit imdiscountcodes.com.

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become the go to source of news in your niche
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