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Have you seen the snow on this website?

Well if you are reading this during the Christmas/New Year Period you will see little flakes of snow ever so gracefully falling down as you read this.

So how do you get this for yourself?

First I assume you are using WordPress if you have landed on this page so all you have to do is go to your plugins section and type in WP Snow.

Download the plugin, click activate and there you go, you have snow on your website. They also have another Christmas theme plugin called Christmas Ball on Branch if you want to go even more festive – it doesn’t work on my website because of my animated header at the top covers it up. They have a pro version of this too which allows you to position it in a different place but personally I’m quite happy with just the snow.

I also like WP Snow as it is very light and won’t slow down your website in the slightest. It uses something called jSnow JQuery plugin with a file size of 2kb. If that doesn’t mean anything to you and you need further convincing, the proof is in the Christmas pudding?

Here is a screenshot of my website with the plugin on.

Under 1 second page load time - Great!

There is also a Pro Version

Main Features:

  • Ability to show Snow Effect on specific pages (defined by Slugs).
  • 40 flake types to choose from including Snowman.
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Define number of flakes
  • Define maximal and minimal size of flakes
  • Define maximal and minimal size of fall speed
  • Define flake color
  • Enable/Disable fade away effect
  • Configurable Z-Index to avoid theme conflicts
  • Configure where to show (posts, pages, home, archives)
  • One year of free upgrades and support
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