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Market research can be a tricky topic. The fact is, your most successful competitors are unlikely to share what is making them successful and it can be difficult as you learn strategies and techniques yourself on the pathway to success. But what if they were a way to benefit from the mechanisms used by other leaders in your field or industry while simultaneously being able to turn those to your advantage? That is the promise of Funnelspy.

All marketing operates as a funnel where first the attention of an individual is gained, then information is presented, views are converted into clicks, clicks are converted into a sales pitch, sales pitches are converted into purchases, and purchases convert to repeat clients. Sales funnels are the essential element of every successful business and only succeeding at one or two will not be enough. Funnelspy was designed for you to easily, and legally, be able to look at the mechanisms that your opponents or other websites use for their sales funnels. This insider information can help you craft and build a winning strategy or modify your current marketing or sales techniques. So what are some of the pros and cons of Funnelspy?


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Funnelspy Pros

Saves you money

One of the huge drawbacks of doing any kind of in-depth marketing research, particularly on a competitor, usually means that to find out certain price points or sales information on your competitor sales pages that you will have to first be a client to be able to look at that information. This potentially can cost you money or the very least put you on their subscribers’ list when all you want to do is find out certain sales points they are attempting or different promotions they are offering. With Funnelspy, you save money because now you do not need to log in and go through the hassle of going through their sales pitch; instead all is laid bare for you so you can simply analyze and extrapolate from the data presented. You will be able to look at information like up sales, down sales, one time offers, and a huge variety of other sales information without yourself having to become a client. This saves you huge amounts of money especially if you need to do it across several different websites.

Saves time

In addition to saving you money, Funnelspy also saves you a huge amount of research hours. Doing slow page-by-page crawling and research, taking notes and attempting to identify the different marketing funnels they utilize can be a slow and tedious process. However, Funnelspy has found a way to make this slow process a streamlined and efficient research project. With a simple click of a button you are able to get all the analytical information you need for a page without having to go through the slow research process yourself. This saves you a huge amount of time and now instead of only being able to successfully manually analyze each competitor’s page over the course of several hours, you could review dozens of different competitors

websites and start to spot the different trends or promotions which are helping lead them to success.

Gain inside information

Another one of the huge positives of Funnelspy is being able to gain inside information that is not likely to be shared with the simple curious mind. For instance, you will be able to use Funnelspy to identify different aspects about a webinar which they host on their site without actually having to take it or become a client yourself. You'll be able to identify the thank you pages or encore pages as well as any lead generation pages and where they go to. In addition to this, you will also be able to see the kind of webinar software they are running and utilizing. Finding out what other successful businesses are doing is a fantastic advantage for you as now you do not have to reinvent the wheel.

Funnelspy Cons

Accidental copyright infringement

This is not really a strike against Funnelspy itself as Funnelspy is totally legal. However, it is something which a user may possibly cause themselves to do after having utilized this software and that is copying an opponent's site too closely. This can lead to allegations of copyright infringement, false advertising, or other potentially harmful legal complications. Funnelspy is a fantastic tool but you have to be shrewd in the way that you use it and not simply make a knock-off site of one of your competitors.


With its swift analytical abilities to look at your opponents pages, it's ease with which you are able to do complex market research, and the amount of time and money you will save by not having to go through pages manually or pay to see certain pages and their analogical information, Funnelspy is an exceptional tool for those who can use it responsibly. Funnelspy makes market research easy. If you'd like to find out more information, check out funnelspy.com.

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