Are you in an online business? Do you want to improve your online presence with a view to making more sales? Then this review is for you. So many online entrepreneurs such as bloggers, affiliate marketer, and web designers find it difficult to manage their sales funnels. Autoklose was designed and developed in order to provide businesses with the ability to automate the sales process. Entrepreneurs and business owners alike would enjoy the features of Autoklose because it allows them to generate their target leads, as well as, monitor their email outreach.

What is Autoklose?

Autoklose is an all-in-one sales platform that automates repetitive sales tasks, generate target leads, and monitor your email outreach. Autoklose will save you time and time is money. If your business relies on generating leads, then Autoklose is right for you. You need a sale automation tool that streamlines the process so that you can focus on close-indoor sales, not on sending emails.

Autoklose is built to equip all players in the sales process, such as SDR managers, account executives, sales development reps, and sales leaders, with software that enhances sales teams’ efficiency, productivity, and performance.

It comes with automated lead generation capability as well as a throng of email drip campaign management tools with Salesforce integration. It takes care of sales prospects generation by configuring a customer profile and scheduling an email campaign. Autoklose not only automates all sales processes but also keeps everyone on the same page, which also improves communication, collaboration, and results. You can take advantage of the time limited deal to grab a lifetime access to this app for just $49, instead of paying a huge sum of $1,080 per year.

What will Autoklose do for you?

  • When you don’t have enough people on the sales team, Autoklose fills the void. It is like hiring a smart assistant who does the boring work for you
  • Autoklose is guaranteed to accelerate the sales cycle.
  • Autoklose is integrated with a 3rd party data provider, which means you never have to worry about where to get your leads from.
  • With Autoklose, you will be able to download new data through segmentation based on the niche, company size, location, role, etc.
  • Autoklose offers a selection sales sequence templates.

Autoklose integrates with the following business systems and applications:

  • Salesforce
  • Gmail
  • Office 365
  • Yahoo
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Nouvell Groupwise

Features of Autoklose

Autoklose comes with several features, some of which are;

  • Automate tedious tasks: The Autoklose app completely automates all tedious task process. So when you are using Autoklose, you can go to bed and be rest assured that all the sales processes would be done on autopilot
  • Generate qualified leads: Generating qualified leads is a herculean to sales managers. They have to spend so much time trying to generate leads. But with Autoklose, within few minutes, generation of qualified leads are done seamlessly
  • Shorten the sales cycle: The sales cycle no doubt is a cumbersome process, but with Autoklose, the process will be shortened.
  • Reach the right audience: Autoklose will enable you to reach out to your targeted audience with just a few clicks.
  • Autoklose will boost your sales team’s productivity and performance
  • Integration with major platforms: Autoklose is integrated with major platforms such as Salesforce, Gmail, office 365, Yahoo, Microsoft Exchange, and Nouvell Groupwise

Autoklose Pros

Autoklose comes with the following benefits;

  • Autoklose gives you a sales automation solution that handles all the grunt work of your sales processes and helps you manage your sales funnels, campaigns, and prospects, resulting to more closed deals and tons of profits.
  • With Autoklose, generating and targeting high-quality leads are no longer a time-intensive, laborious effort. The software is designed to integrate seamlessly with your Salesforce account and import all your contacts’ details and information that your sales teams can access and use.
  • Autoklose allows you to upload CSV files, or pick high quality and validated leads from a large database of contacts from reliable third-party providers. You basically don’t have to spend huge amounts of time gathering and verifying leads. Autoklose does all that for you.
  • Creating a custom email campaign from scratch can be quite an endeavor. Autoklose provides you with a selection of customizable, high converting email sequence templates to choose from based on your business event. You can then make the necessary configurations and inject your branded elements.
  • You no longer have to build your email campaigns from the ground up. Autoklose lets you make the tweaks you need on their pre-built templates and then lets you reach out to your prospects through personalized messages and pitches.
  • The best part is that once you reeled your prospects in, they can easily book appointments or subscribe to your service with just a click of a button.

Autoklose Cons

The only drawback of this software is that it has a limited number of integrations

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a sales platform, then Autoklose offer a good option to automate your sales process, & boasts to be the future of the sales automation. Basically, Autoklose is a company that specializes in the development of the sales automation platform which tackles the common problems that most salespeople face & offers a solution to these problems. This software is a must-have due to its benefit of automating repetitive sales tasks, generating target leads, and monitoring your email outreach with just a few clicks. Once you purchase Autoklose, you guaranteed of getting value for your money.


Autoklose Lifetime Deal

Special Autoklose lifetime deal for just $49 at the link below.

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