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Email Spike is one of those tools which is long overdue for the eMarketing community. Previously many of the features contained in Email Spike were only available to those who understood sophisticated software and program coding and were not usually available to smaller businesses who could not afford the massive outlay to have customized software.

This is where Email Spike comes in. Email Spike allows for advanced features to be embedded in emails without them being blocked by traditional email servers.

So, what are some of the major features of Email Spike?

?Email Spike Pros

Embedded video

This is probably the top selling point for Email Spike and that is the ability to easily embed videos into your emails. Traditionally emails cannot have videos embedded into them without some pretty advanced coding to circumvent the way that emails traditionally prevent these types of programs from playing on their own. However, with Email Spike you are now able to embed these videos, whether it be a countdown timer to let your clients know about a sale ending, to even customized MP4s that you can upload yourself and use to sell your product or service. No matter what kind of video it is, the simple embedding process will help to increase your conversion rates by giving it an eye-catching flare which many traditional newsletter subscriptions lack.

Slideshow style email

In addition to being able to embed videos you can also utilize Email Spike to create slideshows which play automatically within the email. This can be another useful marketing strategy and tool for you to utilize as slideshows are often eye-catching and cause the user to linger on your email and hopefully click. Having the ability to create customized slideshows and then play them inside the email automatically upon opening will again be another great way to help get the word out in your newsletter or email subscriber list about your business.

Creation dashboard

Of course to be able to upload and create either slideshows, videos, or any other type of animation that you so desire requires the use of the creation dashboard, which is where you can make the magic happen. Utilizing this user-friendly interface you can create untold numbers of different variations, embed videos, decide when they play, create PowerPoint presentations, change font, change pictures, change text, make countdown timers, and utilize a huge outpouring of other bells, whistles, and features. With this powerful creation tool kit at your fingertips, it will help make it easy for you to enhance your conversion rate on your email

subscriptions when people engage with your materials. Having the ability to create on such a scale and to customize emails with embedded material is a huge boon to industries, businesses, or even political campaigns and nonprofits which depend heavily on email.


Not only is Email Spike fantastic to use for emails on a traditional desktop but its HTML5 compliancy also ensures that your emails will look fantastic when viewed from mobile devices. This is an important consideration as many individuals, perhaps even the majority, use their phones for answering emails and so ensuring that your slideshow, embedded video, or any number of other features which you have put into your email newsletter can be viewed from mobile and desktop devices will improve your ability to reach this client base.

Email Spike Cons

User limitations

This really is not so much of a con for Email Spike so much as it is for the people who may buy it and think that this alone will solve all of their problems. Email Spike is an incredibly creative tool best suited for those with a mind for marketing, online promotions, or artistic flair or who are willing to learn those skills.

If you are an individual who lacks marketing skills or the ability to visually engage clients, then this tool will not be able to help you as you will still be the biggest limiting factor. People who make boring slideshows with PowerPoint are unlikely to produce engaging emails with Email Spike as well. Its boundless creativity is only limited by the user which means that you need to determine whether you are capable of utilizing a tool with so much creative and marketing power, and that requires a bit of artistic and marketing knowledge to use. However, it is user-friendly and quick to pick up. Industries and businesses all over the country have been successfully utilizing Email Spike to boost their conversion rates significantly!

Email Spike – The Bottom Line

If creative marketing techniques is something you want to learn, or are already good at doing, Email Spike is an essential must have for your internet subscriber needs. If not Email Spike may still be for you if you hire a creative marketer to come up with the promo materials needed.

Have a look at a demo of Email Spike for yourself

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