A quick update today, about a tool that just keeps chugging along in the background unnoticed but I would sorely miss if it wasn’t there.

I am talking about the image compression tool called ShortPixel.

Why is this important?

Quite simply, the speed of your website depends on it. The speed of loading webpages is one of the first things your website visitors will notice when browsing. The slower your website, the less money you will make. 

So naturally we need a tool, that every time we upload an image to WordPress it automatically compresses it for us. This is exactly what ShortPixel does without losing too much image quality

It’s also why my website is loading lightning fast in under 1.5 seconds. 


Not bad for an image and plugin heavy homepage

Although to be fair, it’s not only ShortPixel giving me those results but also (in order of importance)

  1. WPX Hosting
  2. W3 Total Cache – free WordPress plugin
  3. MaxCDN

But let’s not take anything away from ShortPixel, if my homepage was over 5MB because graphics where not compressed, I would be making the job of the above 3 much harder. I would also not be getting a website load speed of under 1.5s, more likely over 2s. 

Every second counts when it comes to an online business, which is why I heartily recommend using ShortPixel to manage your media library.

One word of warning though

If you are using the WordPress plugin, before clicking the optimize all images button, make sure you have deactivated this option. 


Don’t tick this option – if ticked they will charge your credit allowance per thumbnail, which would be a waste for most.

checkLearn more about ShortPixel

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