There has been a lot of conversation around the new editor for WordPress called Gutenberg.

Basically, it is Matt Mullenweg and his vast publishing empire called Automattic's attempt at competing with the new kids on the block. Website builders like Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify who are designed for non technical folk. Because let's be honest, building an entire website on WordPress has never been designed with “newbies” in mind.

So back to Gutenberg and their attempt to compete with said new kids.

The first clue all is not well with Gutenberg


2.5 stars is not a good start for Gutenberg.

And the deal breaker for me!

Was when I tried to use Gutenberg on one of my staging sites.Whatever you do, don't use this on a real production site.

What I found left me speechless.

They know who they are competing against, the likes of Squarespace but they are missing the most important feature.

They don't have margin and layout settings for their blocks. Don't even get me started on the blocks – creating a new fiddly text block every time I hit enter!

Any page builder worth their weight in gold needs to have margins and layouts for the content elements. The ability to specify exact layout and spacing between different elements like text, images, videos and columns is what allows you to create a truly professional website. The types of website that inspired Matt and the team to overhaul the WordPress editor in the first place.

It really is one of the biggest issues with the current WordPress TinyMCE editor and unless I just haven't figured it out yet, margin settings are not in Gutenberg.

If it is, there please make it more obvious to users and then at least I could half recommend using it.

But all of this to say, the best thing or now is to forget about Gutenberg and use a page builder like Thrive Architect that is an actual live front-end editor for WordPress. Seriously have a look at any Gutenberg demo on Youtube and then have a look at this demo and see what I mean.

PS: I really hope Automattic reads this because if they do implement margins and layouts it really will be better for the whole WordPress community. I say this as they seem intent on pushing ahead with Gutenberg in WordPress 5.

If they don't at least we will have Thrive

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