Let's talk WordPress for a minute!

It seems that virtually every single marketing guru out there always is talking about it and recommending it. And for good reason, it is a rock solid content marketing platform that is made infinitely more powerful through all its “add-on” plugins.

Today I want to look at one of these plugins that I love so much I went and bought the premium version of it. Yes, there is a premium version but thankfully if you are just starting out there is a free version too.


It's called Beaver Builder and I love it!


Why do I love it so much?

Well, as much as we all love WordPress there is a MAJOR issue with it in terms of designing “The Perfect Page”. Everybody's definition about the perfect page will differ but we all at least expect the page to look how we designed it in the WordPress editor.

As anyone who has ever used WordPress will know, this is not always the case. You spend hours crafting the perfect page, with all the right spacing, images and formatting. You press publish and eagerly visit the live version of your website… only to be disappointed.

It looks nothing like what you “thought you designed!”


To be perfectly fair to WordPress this actually is not entirely their fault. It has a lot to do with the WordPress template you have chosen, especially if it was a FREE template.

The way it was designed has a major impact on how the pages you think you are designing will eventually display.


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That’s why Beaver Builder was created. It helps you harness the power of the WordPress content management suite and get a professional look and feel.

Plus it works on virtually all templates with no surprises!

If your goal is to make a website that looks stunning, then you will no doubt want to check out the power that comes with it. There are some simple benefits that come through when you’re using Beaver Builder, and it may not strike you until you start actually putting pages together. If you’re on the fence, or you’re not sure whether or not you can benefit from this, then you’ll no doubt want to look into how Beaver Builder is being utilized today, and what benefits shine through overall.

Website Design Done Dirt Cheap

How much does web design cost? Seriously, consider that for a moment. The cost of design could very well be very expensive overall. You may find yourself dealing with a variety of issues in this regards. Website design today can cost you a lot of money, and that’s not just a blind statement. Ask for a quote from a major design company, you will realize that the average company is going to charge you $1,000 to $5,000 for a full suite. A simple 1-page design could still cost you $500 to $1,000 alone. It’s not cheap.

In order to design, even within content management systems, you will need to know code works. Code is not something that you can just copy and paste sometimes. This becomes evident in the framework that WordPress is built. It’s built with HTMl, PHP, CSS, and more. If you don’t know how to edit these correctly, you could end up with a page that doesn’t work. The goal of Beaver Builder is to give you a proper design element, that doesn’t require a lot of code knowledge. You can save money outright, by not having to hire a designer.

Building Pages With Drag and Drop Elements

The biggest benefit that comes through with this solution is the drag and drop design flow. Imagine the analogy of a pizza and toppings. Let’s say you had a pizza. You would have your dough, and you would need to add sauce, cheese, and toppings. This is an easy thing to do. Now, imagine your website like that. You will be able to add images, text, and more on top of your empty page (the dough), and then publish it outright. Imagine adding layers like you would a lasagna, or a pizza, and that’s what you will see happening in this digital platform. With that in mind, you could very well take on any professional site, and compete head on, without having to spend thousands learning code or anything like that.

 Responsive Design Built In

Google shocked the internet with their focus on mobile design. They even created a tool for webmasters to check their websites to see if they were compatible with mobile internet devices. If the site didn’t meet the Google standard, they would get an SEO drop off. Well, with Beaver Builder, you don’t have to worry about that. You can build responsive sites that work with any major browser, on any major device with relative ease. That’s right, you could set up a site in a matter of minutes and make sure that when people look at it online, you get moving forward with relative ease. It’s a simple, incredibly responsive option that you can use to build any type of site, and take it to the mobile internet users you’re trying to target.

Stumped? Don’t Worry Beaver Builder Has You Covered

Creativity isn’t something that you can just turn on and off. Some people struggle with it. You may not be the most creative person; you may not even have a solid idea as to what your website should look like. Don’t panic. You can use the dozens of templates that come with Beaver Builder to your advantage. They not only give you a look and feel that is professional, they give you the power to delete, add on to, and customize a number of solutions. You will be able to customize everything and build a serious push forward into the design flow of any type of website you want to build. You don’t need to know how to put together layouts, you won’t need to be a professional, you just simply click through a few options and see whether or not you like the templates. Once you have one you like, customize it to fit your needs, from colors to text to images, you can modify and edit anything you’d like.

Is Anyone Using Beaver Builder?

At press time, over 15,000 professional websites have been built with this builder and WordPress. That means that there are people that have invested serious money in creating their own niche online, using this platform to help them be as creative as they’d like. Whether you’re trying to sell skateboards or you’re starting a bakery, this is a powerful tool that will let you design your own site, from scratch. Don’t want to design? Then use the templates, modify a few things, and have a site in minutes. Not only that, ensure that it is SEO ready, and it’s compliant with the Google and search engine requirements for mobile interactivity. Simply put, this is a marvelous tool to create sites with.

See Beaver Builder for yourself

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