I received this great email from the guys and gals over at PromoRepublic, which we have just started testing and absolutely love.

Thought it would be good to share it with you all here. Email follows.



We have studied 10k pages of PromoRepublic users and found that the right balance of advertising, entertainment, and engaging content increases the number of likes and sales.

Try the “50-30-20” model in your content posting:

  • 50% – for entertainment and educational posts,
  • 30% – for product/service promotion,
  • 20% – for curated content.

For example, if you post once a day or 30 times a month, according to the model, you would have 16 entertaining and educational posts, 8 promotions of your service/product and 6 posts with expert opinions and curated content.

As you may know, you don’t need to waste your time by creating content on your own – we’ve prepared post templates, put them in our library and categorized them.

Post templates are placed in the “Sell” category, useful content can be found in the “Entertain” category, and contest and poll ideas in the “Engage” category.


See PromoRepublic for yourself here.

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