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Landing page builder in the cloud


$25-$199 per month paid annually


One of the easiest drag and drop page builders you will ever use. Includes sophisticated marketing functions designed to increase your conversion rate online.


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When you look into internet marketing, you’re going to find that everyone seems to say you’ll make millions. You buy this, you buy that, and you try to make some money. What happens? You’ll either fail or you’ll make a few bucks.

Why? Because most of the time, you’re going to be trying to reinvent the wheel according to what some marketer is trying to sell you. They get rich, you don’t. Now, when you look at Leadpages, however, you’re going to be given a blueprint.

The blueprint is not just a matter of “how” but literal emulation. Emulation is the key note here. The key note is that you will do exactly what the millionaire marketers are doing right now, under your nose, making millions. You may not make millions at first, but in time, if you build enough pages with this software, you’re going to see a change.

About LeadPages

Marketers That Make Money Set Up Lead Pages Across The MapThe number one thing that all marketers do is simple, they set up lead pages. These are one page sites that you are going to hit through a number of ads, pop ups, and more. Some ask for your email, some advertise to you straightway, some have a video that they show you, and all of it is very simple. It’s one page, and it gets your attention.

LeadPages is designed for higher conversion

You’re going to find that this is an incredible thing overall. With so many marketers making money in this manner, you’re going to find that Leadpages is giving you the proven tools for success.

They have put together the page builder that you can use, and then have given you 350 templates to utilize. Many of them have been shared with the Leadpages community by top marketers who also use LeadPages as part of their digital strategy.

That’s right, each conversion focused template is going to help you capture leads, get email lists built, and do just about anything you want them to do. These are the exact same things that other marketers are doing, only this is customizable, editable, and can be combined with any marketing collateral you have. You get the tools to open up the doors to make money.

Key features

  • checkStart with high performing templates and then make them yours
  • checkSome templates are provided by top marketers themselves
  • checkConversion elements such as Lead Digits and Lead boxes improve optin
  • checkMobile responsive
  • checkA/B Testing

 Amy Porterfield 


I knew from the second I discovered Leadpages that my email list was going to see some serious growth. From Day One, that's exactly what happened. I've used Leadpages for my product launches, live webinars, trainings, sales pages, free giveaways and thank you pages—you name it.

Pros and Cons


  • checkNo coding needed – drag and drop easy
  • checkNew feature – Built in payments
  • checkConversion elements really do work
  • check1-Click signup links
  • checkAlways mobile responsive layouts
  • checkA/B testing


  • checkPrice may be high for those just starting out


For those that are skeptical, consider the fact this solution has a lot to offer in terms of tools. This is not just webpage building software. You can always purchase something like Dreamweaver and learn coding and more. This is not that. Instead, this is a full software element with a lot of tools that help you create marketing elements that every single marketer uses. Don’t believe the hype? That’s ok. Go online and look at internet marketing. Search for this keyword in Google and hit every page you can see, and count how many people have pop ups. Not only that, how many people are going to ask you to subscribe to newsletters and so much more. Seriously, consider that overall. You’re going to be absolutely surprised by how many people are going to hit you with collateral. Those things that you will see others doing to make money, will be the tools you receive with Leadpages.

Connect Everything To LeadPages

For those that are already using marketing services with email and more, make sure that you look at the connections you have. You can connect with a variety of options. The biggest names in email marketing, you can pick up and connect with this program. Salesforce, MailChimp, Autoresponder, Hubpages, and so many other elements can get connected, and integrated into your collateral solutions overall. It’s something that is going to absolutely break through all the walls you may have in marketing. Marketing collateral can be published, created, edited, and built from the ground up. This is absolutely incredible, and will pay off dividends in due time.


If you want the very best to power your online business funnels you can trust LeadPages to deliver for you. Just like many other top marketers who rely on it to increase their conversions and profits.


The Good Stuff:
  • Very easy to use
  • ?Conversion focused templates and features will get you more leads.
  • Easy A/B Testing
The Bad Stuff:
  • Cost may be high for marketers just starting out online.

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Start Building Better Marketing Pages 

Use the exact same sales funnel templates that millionaire marketers are using to power their business.

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