Automated marketing solutions can completely transform the way you handle marketing and customer outreach. If you were able to 10X your profit margins without any further work on your part, would you take it? Silly question I know but smart marketers are experiencing these type of results daily from work they did months or even years ago by investing in a marketing automation platform. (MAP)


If you struggle to get customers to come back or have trouble with lead conversion, your marketing strategy may be to blame. One of the biggest factors that can get in the way of a successful marketing campaign is the consistency of communication.


When you don’t follow-up a customer purchase or inquiries with emails, customers forget about your business. They move on. This applies to repeat business and business prospects.


You need to continue to reach out and deliver messages to customers and potential customers. This is where automated marketing platforms can help. Using these can simplify your marketing techniques while not sacrificing that all important regular communication.


So, if you want to run a successful business, you owe it to yourself to learn more about automated marketing solutions.


What are Automated Marketing Solutions?


Automated marketing solutions, or marketing automation, includes various software (called Marketing Automation Platforms – MAP) and online resources that are used to automate your most common marketing tasks. This is primarily done through email messages but these platforms can also use lead scoring techniques to alert your staff to “prime times” for customer telephone contact.


Another example is automated e-commerce marketing when the process of sending emails to customers after they make a purchase is automatic. This email could thank them for their purchase, double check they received delivery and even offer a coupon for their next purchase. There really is so much that is possible and when done right it will have a tremendous effect on your bottom line.



“63% of companies that are outgrowing their competitors use marketing automation”


What’s the benefit of using these solutions? As mentioned, they help simplify your marketing campaign. But, there are additional advantages to using automated marketing, including:


  • Save time with automated client follow-up
  • Deliver personalised “tagged” emails to your prospects
  • Improve the productivity of your marketing department
  • Access to valuable stats for evaluating marketing campaigns
  • Increase your conversion rates with consistent follow-ups
  • Improve your customer retention rates with regular emails
  • Increase your sales and build stronger relationships


Those are just a few of the advantages that automated marketing brings to the table. Marketing automation simplifies your marketing so that you have more time, money and energy to devote to other aspects of your business.


How Do These Automated Marketing Solutions Work?


Using automated marketing solutions doesn’t replace the need for marketing – it simplifies it. Here’s an example of how this could work with a basic sales funnel:


  • A sales lead visits your landing page and signs up to receive a free downloadable eBook.
  • The automated software sends a thank you email to the sales lead.
  • After several days, the software sends an additional email with a special offer.
  • If the lead doesn’t respond to this offer, another email is sent the following week.


In addition to automating these steps, there is another advantage. They provide timely responses and follow-up emails.


Your sales leads will receive these emails according to the details of your marketing campaign, instead of waiting for you to manually send the email.


How Can You Start Using Automated Marketing Solutions?


These solutions require the use of software to automate tasks. There are dozens of options available, including Active Campaign which is what we use here at IMDC. To make the selection easier here is a closer look at 5 of the top marketing automation platforms (MAP).






Active Campaign


Active Campaign offers a simple solution for implementing marketing automation. You can easily combine the automated features with your existing marketing and advertising methods. We have also found it to be the most cost effective MAP as your list size grows, which is a major plus.


Active Campaign can automate your sales and email marketing, store your contacts and track their behavior, and set up custom options for the delivery of your emails.


Active Campaign isn’t your only option, but it is among the top choices. This is due to the easy to understand pricing structure. Active Campaign has automated marketing solutions available for businesses of any size and a robust set of features.


Instead of just focusing on email marketing automation, Active Campaign provides solutions for sales and customer relationship management.


You can even use these solutions to assist your sales reps by giving them automated actions based on the current stage of customer acquisition.

PS: If you are looking for the best price on Active Campaign – click here and sign up for the free trial. Once your trial finishes selecting the lite plan is the most cost effective if you are starting out.




Drip Marketing Automation is mostly used for Drip email marketing campaigns. This is a form of email marketing where you continue to send messages to your prospects in order to slowly build trust and nurture the relationship over time.


Using Drip, you can set triggers to automatically send emails based on the actions taken by your users or sales prospects. They have a simple user dashboard and custom solutions for any business type. Many bloggers swear by this platform so definitely one to try before making your final decision. Sign up to their forever free plan here.




Convertkit is also primarily used for email marketing automation. This software was created with bloggers in mind, but can be used by any service-based business.


Basically, if you deliver informative content to your customers and prospects, Convertkit can help increase your conversion rates. This is accomplished by consistently sending out emails based on the actions of your visitors. They even offer flexible opt-in forms that can be built to fit anywhere on your website.


Infusionsoft Marketing Automation


Infusionsoft is starting to become one of the Grand Daddy's of this whole automation craze. It is one of the most detailed automated marketing solutions available but all that power does come at a price and that is ease of use. They do however give a wide range of options to help you create a highly customized marketing solution for your business which is great.


This includes features that can assist with email marketing, sales, customer retention, and customer relationship management. Though, Infusionsoft is also among the most expensive options. So if you are interested I would recommend looking at the Infusionsoft deal we offer on it here.


MailChimp Email Automation


MailChimp is among the most affordable solutions, but it has limited features, especially when compared to Active Campaign. You don’t have the option to create detailed marketing campaigns. Instead, it is used for basic email marketing and with a bit of tinkering can do some basic marketing automation tasks.


Consider your needs. For versatility and a range of custom features, Active Campaign may be your best solution. It is affordable, customizable, and easy to implement. It's what we use and we love it but I would also recommend at least trying Drip forever free plan before making a final decision. Also consider Convertkit too as we hear great things.


Final Thoughts on Automated Marketing Solutions


By taking advantage of these options, you get the consistency that you need to turn more of these leads into new customers.


Basically, automated marketing solutions are used to automate marketing tasks – simple. Instead of having to nurture your sales leads with direct emails, you can let the software take care of the hard work.


You let the software automatically send follow up emails to move leads through your sales funnel. And you let the software nurture existing client relationships to improve loyalty and profitability.


If you’re ready to simplify your marketing campaign, then get started with automated marketing solutions by testing our top three

  1. Active Campaign
  2. Drip (free plan)
  3. ConvertKit


Do you have any experience with using marketing automation platforms? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear your success stories and/or challenges.

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