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TextDeliver Break Down

There are a lot of different ways to promote products and services online. But what you’re going to find is that many people don’t answer the call to action that you may place on the internet. A lot of people are going to answer a different approach. That’s what Text Deliver is all about. This solution is about SMS text messaging, and how to harness that to make money with promoting just about anything. You’ll be surprised why this works. You see, emails get lost in the shuffle. They hit spam folders, they get ignored, and overall aren’t that great at delivering a personalized message. People have moved on. A SMS Text message, however, not only gets opened, it gets answered within seconds. That’s the goal of Text Deliver and it can show you how to ensure that you are getting leads, and sales with relative ease.

About and the Creator/team behind Text Deliver

Text Deliver is being promoted by Mark Thompson and Cindy Donovan and their team. This has been in development for some time, and has been tested quite well. Instead of having to deal with the waiting game that comes with email responses, you’ll be able to harness the power of text. Texts hit home fast. They reach people where they are, and they create a visceral response. A simple call to action could lead someone to checking out your products, services, and affiliate links, often times without a pop up blocker. Imagine hitting 100,000 hits and getting a 99% response rate, with high conversions coming through.

How to use TextDeliver?

When you purchase Text Deliver, you’re going to be shown how to create compelling pages that send your messages to text. That means that you can connect with your audience through their smartphone, rather than risk your message getting thrown into a spam folder, or forgotten along the way. Email integration ensure that your next text is on par with whatever it is you’re promoting with relative ease. You can embed this, you can build SMS sequences to go out at different times, and you can see whether or not your message is getting click throughs in real time. Analyze, test, and create messages that become easy to follow, and convert for your offers easily. All of this is possible with the custom dashboard that you will be entering with Text Deliver.

Pros and Cons

Before you invest in this solution, consider a few pros and cons that come with it.


  • Easy To Setup
  • Works With Email Services
  • Helps Capture Leads Fast
  • Full Analytics


  • Must Use SMS Text
  • Must Have Something to Promote

Is Text Deliver Worthwhile?

It’s easy to look at Text Deliver and think it’s complex or expensive. That’s not the case at all. This is a platform that is going to replace email in no time. At $97, you’re going to be expanding the reach of any email campaign and turn it into a simple solution that will guarantee the message gets seen. No more lost emails, no more lost calls to action, this gets results, and it does it with simplicity. Reach people where they are with this solution that is revolutionizing marketing right now. It’s well worth exploring, that’s for sure.

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