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SchemaNinja Break Down

One of the more unique products to hit the internet marketing world is that of SchemaNinja. This is a product that is going to change how you view SEO, as it’s going to absolutely pull you through a variety of options. Simply put, this is a review element that Google now takes into consideration when developing SERP. That’s right, they are taking reviews and star ratings on content to influence their own results. People may not immediately understand this, but when you search online, you’ll see these stars around content, sales data, and much more. What if you could leverage that to your favor? What if you could tell people that your content is not only well produced, but it’s rated very high amidst users? That’s exactly what this product helps you with.

About and the creator/team Behind SchemaNinja

The people behind SchemaNinja includes Sam Robinson, Jitendra Vaswani, Kimberly de Vries, and Danny de Vries. These individuals have taken one of the overlooked aspects of internet marketing and have produced this unique tool that can help you build serious networking potential. Once you have this in place, you’re going to see a huge jump in conversions, traffic, and more. People today are skeptical, and this allows you to set their minds at ease. When someone searches for keywords in your niche, they will get hit with several websites. If your website is the only one with a good schema star rating, they will click on your links, and not others. It’s that simple. You could leverage this for your own purposes, which is why this team has put together this product.

How to use SchemaNinja?

Once you purchase SchemaNinja, you will be able to edit a few of the things that you need to utilize to capture Google’s attention. Once you’re on their radar, you can rank #1 for a variety of keywords, based on your star rating. That star rating, of course, can be pulled through this option, and create beneficial SEO patterns. You simply edit a few lines of code, and you follow the instructions properly to get a schema star rating in place, then you will see the traffic start to come through with ease.

Pros and Cons

Consider a few pros and cons associated with this unique concept and product before you buy.


  • Simple To Implement
  • Follows Current SEO Standards
  • Huge Impact


  • Must Have A Website
  • Must Target Google SEO

Is SchemaNinja Worthwhile?

Many people haven’t heard of schema star ratings. That’s a good thing. If you pick up SchemaNinja, and you work on it for your small business site, or any page you have, you’ll end up with more trust right away. The more trust you can pull from search engines, the better your traffic will become. You could very well see tens of thousands of hits come through because your site will be trustworthy with star ratings that others do not have. At the cost of $27 for a light version, you can start working with this and create a serious push forward in your marketing collateral. There are a few upgrades that you can use, including options that will give you a bit of help to work through. This is easily one of the most unique SEO elements you’re going to find online.

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