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1-Click Video Site Builder Break Down

One of the hardest things to do as an affiliate marketer is building a website. Once you can conquer that, you can have something to promote, and after that, you will need to generate traffic somehow. Here’s the thing, that first step is going to be the hardest thing for you, if you’re not a web designer, or don’t know how to harness the power of HTML code. WordPress can help you, but at the same time, you’ll need to build content, and that’s tough. Well, that’s really where 1-CLick Video Site Builder is coming at you. This is going to absolutely change the way that you see web building, because within the scope of 1 click, you can have a full scale

About and the creator/team Behind 1-Click Video Site Builder

The 1-CLick Video Site Builder is being backed and promoted by Ankur Shukla and George Katsoudas, two big names in the marketing world. They have put together some puzzle pieces that will absolutely change the way that you’re going to be able to build marketing websites. They have seen the struggle of trying to build websites and have streamlined it so that it’s absolutely easy to work with. If you have a WordPress install, you have all the tools necessary to work with this option, and start getting a serious push in any niche you can think of today.

How to use 1-Click Video Site Builder?

Once you purchase this product, you are going to be able to start using it right away. What you will need to do is simple, fill out a few forms about the topic that you want, and after a few minutes, your website will publish videos, with all the keywords, and much more. When you go to your website, you will have a FULL scale website with videos at the helm, keywords in place, and so much more. It literally is 1 click and you’re done. The glory of 1-CLick Video Site Builder is that it has the power to eliminate certain links, and make it seem like you’re not just publishing videos, you’re creating them. Video marketing has never been this easy, which means that you can make serious moves online, fast.

Pros and Cons

Before you buy anything, consider a few pros and cons that can help you figure out this option on a larger scale.


  • Easy To Use
  • Video Marketing From YouTube Videos
  • Works With WordPress


  • Must Have WordPress
  • Must Use Videos

Is 1-Click Video Site Builder Worthwhile?

It’s easy to see why so many people are jumping into the fray of this option. You’re going to love the way that things work in this arena. It’s a simple solution that has a lot of amazing elements to it. But to answer the question, the answer is an absolute, yes. Video marketing is one of the most powerful things that you can use to make money in any niche. Imagine setting up sites on auto-pilot and making money through various monetization strategies, and you’ll see why this is worthwhile. Simply put, at $17, this is a cheap option. However, if you want to upgrade to more powerful versions, they are in place for you to utilize. Is 1-CLick Video Site Builder worthwhile? Absolutely. It’s going to change the way that you set up sites, guaranteed.

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