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Thrive Architect – Review Summary

Product Name:

Was Thrive Content Builder now Thrive Architect

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WordPress Plugin


$59 – $87


Every so often a website tool comes along that you just know will become an indispensable part of your workflow. Thrive Content Builder by Shane Melaugh is one of those tools. Watch the video below for more details.


This review revised with the new updated Thrive Architect – see this link for new features.

Watch the full video review below. FULL SCREEN recommended.

I first found out about Thrive Content Builder now Thrive Architect when I received an email from Shane Melaugh asking for beta testers of his “new revolutionary tool.” I received this email because I was a customer of his from one of his previous products called Hybrid Connect. From this experience I already knew that Shane wasn't one of those hype marketers but rather one of the good guys who puts out quality products backed by strong technical support.

Little did I know when I did my first video review of the BETA version that fast forward two years I would be building entire sites and funnels using this versatile WordPress plugin. 

What is TCB exactly?

TCB solves the age old WordPress problem of not having an excellent WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. The amount of times I have handed over WordPress sites to clients who then go on to ruin the design bears testament to the shortcomings inherent in the native WordPress editor.

Now Thrive Content Builder was not the first third party WordPress editor to come out. But Shane and his team had this nagging feeling that things could be done better. So with his trusted web developer Paul they took on the enormous coding challenge of creating their version of the best WordPress WYSIWYG editor.

I think when you try it for yourself that you would agree they have achieved their lofty goals and then some!

What makes Thrive Content Builder Worth the Money??

Well for me there is a simple answer to that question.

It is a true WYSIWYG editor for WordPress that saves you time creating webpages you can be proud to show off!

I don't say that lightly either.

As you can see in the graphic to the left it says that you can create landing pages in just four clicks! This is a recent 2015 addition to the plugin and it's absolutely true and places the plugin firmly in the realm of other more expensive landing page tools like LeadPages and OptimizePress.

This is an important point to note as of 2015 TCB is no longer just a page and post editor it can be used to create really slick looking landing pages and sales funnels which really sets it apart from other editors out there.

Add to this the ease of use of the plugin, the continual updates from Shane and the team and the competitive pricing it becomes easy to see why you should think of paying the one time fee of either $59- $87 for the plugin. $87 gives you permission to use the plugin on multiple sites you own which would be my natural recommendation.

If you are an agency and wish to use the plugin on client sites you will need to have the agency plan which is a yearly recurring fee of $247. However what I would do in your client getting meetings is give a brief demonstration of what they will get (Thrive Content Builder) when choosing you. When you show them how easy it will be for them to manage their website in-house it will make that proposal of yours so much more appealing! $247 for higher conversion rate in client meetings = the win for me!

Let's take a closer look at the key features of TCB

For a full explanation of the below points, make sure to watch the video at the top of this review page.

  • True WYSIWYG editor to easily design and layout your text, images, video and other website elements
  • NEW: Landing Page Templates – (This is the feature that won me over from Visual Composer)
  • Ability to embed WordPress content within the editor
  • Full image editing features including borders and even image filters (Think Instagram!)
  • Call to action buttons
  • Icon import feature
  • Easily add credit card icons to payment buttons and elsewhere on the page
  • Easily insert custom HTML within page
  • Custom CSS
  • Content Containers
  • Content Reveal
  • Star rating (Just like the one used for this review)
  • Pre-saved content templates (Customize your own templates to save time in the future)
  • Column layouts to easily organise your website into columns (Think Magazine layouts here)
  • Content Boxes with a number of different styles to choose from
  • Symbol boxes
  • Social share buttons
  • Quote share (Using twitter to encourage people to tweet your quote)
  • Styled list (Just like this one!)
  • Dividers
  • Testimonial boxes (I think there is some room for a few more designs here honestly)
  • Call to action elements
  • Guarantee boxes
  • Ability to insert custom widgets like a menu for example within your page
  • Pricing tables
  • Tabbed content
  • Feature Grids
  • Content Toggle
  • Tables
  • Data elements like Progress bars, fill counters and number counters
  • Stylish Google map embeds
  • Countdown timers
  • Responsive video embeds
  • Table of Contents
  • Lead generation linked to virtually all the major email marketing platforms in existence!
  • Post Grid (Useful for a blog index for example)
  • Thrive Leads Forms (Requires the Thrive leads plugin which is highly recommended add-on to TCB)
  • And finally world class technical support and lifetime updates which probably means I will have to update this review in two weeks with some of the new features. If anything this is one of the things that impresses me most as it shows real commitment to the plugin they have created when you see almost weekly updates coming through.

Thrive Content Builder CONCLUSION

For the price to features ratio you get with Thrive Content Builder it is very difficult to find another WordPress plugin that can compete. I haven't yet and that is why I'm happy to recommend this tool as a must have in your website marketing arsenal.

The new landing page templates really set TCB apart from the competitors.


The Good Stuff:
  • The editor you have been looking for!
  • Saves you time editing your website whilst making you look like a top web designer.
  • New landing page templates set this apart.
  • New features being added almost weekly.
The Not So Good Stuff:
  • Limited placement (only top of page) of new elements in existing pages.
  • Occasional buggy performance when moving certain web elements.
  • Maybe a few nicer templates for testimonials.
  • Adding question marks ? in random places.

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6 years ago

Hi, I am thinking of purchasing the Thrive Content Builder.
Is the bonus still available and how do I claim the bonus? Thanks!