What is Learn from Jon you ask?

Learn from Jon is an on-line coaching program by veteran Internet marketer Jonathan Leger. The same guy who has created such blockbuster software titles like “The Best Spinner”, Instant Article Wizard and Keyword Sniffer to name but a few.

When you first land on the sales page for Learn from Jon you see a video message from Jonathan talking about how he grossed over 4.2 million dollars last year. After an intro like that, to say we must have a closer look at what he has to say and is offering is surely an understatement.

Here is the Scoop

Because Jonathan has been around so long in the Internet marketing space he has acquired a very well rounded approach and understanding of online marketing. Everything from product creation, affiliate marketing, email marketing, social media, content marketing, video and conversion optimisation.

It is because of this wide array of expertise and the team he has built around himself that he decided to create an online community where he teaches others how to do what he does on a daily basis. This is done through a combination of video tutorials, PDFs and action guides which are of a high quality.

Not only this but when you are a member he gives you access to the software that he uses in his business too.

And yes that does include The Best Spinner if you were wondering!

It is the inclusion of these tools that really makes me feel this coaching programme is worth its weight in gold and why I am a paying member myself even when I am well versed in the training content.

What is included with Learn from Jon?

Firstly you will receive the training modules. According to Jon success online comes from a simple formula of three steps.

  • Identify a common problem
  • Create a viable solution to the problem
  • Offer the solution in a way that is appealing and affordable

Sounds simple enough but we all know the difficulty is in the details and step by step processes which this training goes on to explain. Including how to use Jon’s excellent tools to reduce workload and enhance your online marketing results.

Also when you join you get access to an online forum of other like minded people and very importantly access to Jon himself via email. This is very rare in the industry!

But enough about the training let’s talk about all the tools you get!

Get started with Learn from Jon for yourself

Here is the Learn from Jon tools you get!

  • The Best Spinner – probably the most famous tool for creating numerous “spun” versions of original content. Great for populating websites and building links from other blogs. Normally sells for $47 per year
  • Instant Article Wizard allows you to automate the process of creating articles with a few simple steps. Best used with “The Best Spinner”
  • Article Builder – Another content creation tool that normally sells for $197 per year.
  • Keyword canine which is arguably the best keyword research tool right now. Normally sells for $197 per year.
  • Keyword Snatcher is another keyword tool that goes beyond Google’s keyword planner to find profitable keywords. We are talking thousands of longtail keywords not just Google’s 800 maximum.
  • 70 royalty free music tracks for audio and video presentations
    Video clips to make your presentations more professionals.
  • Google competition analysis sheet which is an SEO tool that quickly tells you how competitive a keyword is and whether you have a likely chance of ranking for it on Google.
  • Professional ebook cover maker to help you save some costs when creating your book!
  • Marketing graphics collection to make your web pages stand out more.
  • Infographics maker to help with the viral marketing of your blog.
  • Facebook squeeze page template to help you build your list through Facebook ads. Exclusive to members
  • Answer analyst which is a tool that helps you to quickly generate questions and answers on any topic on your website.
    Phew, I’m out of breath typing out all of that AWESOMENESS, but as they say in those TV commercials, “But wait there’s more!”

    Special Bonuses

  • Super spun articles that have already been done for you. There are 1500 of these articles ready and waiting for you in numerous different niches including internet marketing, personal finance, dieting, fitness, social media, travel and a whole lot more. You have full freedom to do whatever you like with these articles.
  • Over 1000 reusable images – more than 1.7gb of image files in various sizes for your blog, sales page or other use.
  • JLmailer which is an autoresponder tool like Getresponse or Aweber but without the high monthly cost. Definitely, something to consider if you want to save some money on the subscription you are paying. This is the tool that Jon uses himself with his massive lists and email deliverability is good as it uses MailChimp's Mandril API, so all in all, a very good tool that will save you on high monthly costs. And again all included free of charge with your
  • Instant Face Traffic which is only available to members and cannot be bought elsewhere online. This tool is powerful as it allows you to get floods of traffic from Facebook groups. This tool automates the process of posting to facebook groups that will save you an incredible amount of time and get terrific results.
  • Contact Scraper allows you to find the contact information of website owners so that you can contact them about joint ventures or other partnerships like guest blogging etc.

What's not to like?

Some people might complain about the $67 per month price tag. But quite honestly for all the tools you are getting you would pay much more separately.

The quality of the training and access to Jonathan Leger and other Learn from Jon members really does result in the highest chance of success where the price tag will not even concern you anymore.

Plus we have a sweeter deal per month for you because you are reading this today – see below.

What you will like

Access to high-quality training, an active support forum headed up by Jonathan himself and tools worth much more than the price you pay – there is really not much you can do wrong by being a member.

Final Verdict

Learn from Jon is packed full of value. The training is of a high quality and gives you that feeling of “Yes I can do it!”

But more importantly, the resources are what set this coaching program apart from others. Just the tools alone would cost you significantly more per year than your monthly membership fee costs. Never mind all the additional help and training you get.

— LINK — Learn from Jon

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