Get the crowd to visit your website and tell Google you're worth listening to.

This is the basic premise of what the Crowdsearch SEO app does. It delivers real people clicking from Google onto your website and then not bouncing but rather visiting multiple pages. The logic behind this is that Google looks at bounce rate as a valid signal of whether your content is worth to be indexed at the top of it's search engine.

What is Crowdsearch?

Crowdsearch is an SEO app to reduce bounce rate which is one of the factors Google looks at when ranking websites. Crowdsearch comes in two forms:

A website and a mobile app. Both require you to log in and input your details of what pages you want the crowd to visit and the optional extra of whether you want them to use social signals such as tweets and retweets for your pages. The obvious logic says yes you want all the exposure you can get but these social signals do cost more credits, which is something you need to be aware of before purchasing. 

You will see a picture below of the dashboard that greets you when logging in. To get started you click add new campaign and enter your details and keywords you wish to rank for. Also notice how you can earn more credits for free by downloading their mobile app.

Crowdsearch web app dashboard

Crowdsearch Video Review Part 1 & 2

Crowdsearch Credits

A quick discussion on the credits system of Crowdsearch which has changed since the original videos were shot. As mentioned different activities cost different credits – here is the full rundown.

  • 1 Non Video Search/Minute = 1 Credit 1 Video Search/Minute = 2 Credits (Regular Search)
  • 1 Country Search/Minute = 5 Credits (Geo-targeted search)
  • 1 State Search/Minute = 15 Credits (Geo-targeted search)
  • 1 City Search/Minute = 30 Credits (Geo-targeted search)
  • 1 Twitter ReTweet = 30 Credits
  • 1 Facebook Share = 30 Credits
  • 1 Google+ Share = 30 Credits
  • 1 Delicious Share = 30 Credits
  • 1 Reddit Share = 30 Credits
  • 1 Competition Bounce back = 5 Credits
  • 1 Generation of Keyword Finder = 50 Credits
  •  1 Keyword Force Refresh = 1 Credit
Now all of the above doesn't really mean anything until you see the pricing of credits. One thing you do immediately see is that social shares do cost significantly more than just the basic regular search at 2 credits. So it's wise to test results before clicking that option.

Crowdsearch Pricing

A few thoughts on the above

There is another credits option of $47 for 2,500 credits which works out to $.018 per credit but my advice would be to start out with at least 6,500 credits and give it a proper go with 10 of your most important keyword phrases. Every website is different but as long as you run quality non spam websites you should see a positive effect – you may have noticed that the net movement of my rankings is up 235 places. That figure is overall for all keywords not just the one I had active at the time.

So for me it was a positive test but don't make the mistake I did which was to completely forget about the campaign and all my credits running out on a keyword that was in the top 10 for a while. It would be wise to treat Crowdsearch like you would a SEO agency who you keep regular tabs on to see if they are delivering what they promised.

This should see you get the best results for your money but you get even more bang for your buck with…

Crowdsearch free credits


This is possible through the mobile app version of Crowdsearch. From your dashboard click the link to install Crowdsearch on your mobile phone and by doing so they will reward you with 1,000 free credits. The app is available for both iOS and Android and once you install it you can get further credits every day for using it.

Do I recommend Crowdsearch?

Yes I do especially, considering it is a one-time payment for credits and not a contractual monthly commitment like every other search agency would charge you. My advice as mentioned would be to choose your top 10 keywords input it into the system with only the regular search credits activated at first. 

See the traffic coming in and how they are using the website and start tracking your rankings on a tool like SERanking or Longtail Pro. I personally use both – SERanking for rank tracking and Longtail Pro for keyword research.

If your experiment with Crowdsearch works that's a great victory if not you still don't lose as it begins a process of Google taking your website more seriously and giving you an overall better ranking. Why you may ask? Because Google really does take the bounce metric very seriously it's not all they look at of course but if you have a high quality and helpful website and add-on a tool like Crowdsearch I am sure you will be very pleased with what you see.

Just give it a good go of at least 6,500 -18,000 credits before making your final decision. 

Get started with Crowdsearch instantly

Reduce bounces and increase rankings naturally

Crowdsearch Coupon or Discount?

The interesting thing about Crowdsearch is that right now you can't actually buy it from the main website you need special backdoor access which just so has the best pricing discount for Crowdsearch. All links on this page direct you straight to that page but here is the direct link.

I will also include any other CrowdSearch discounts or coupon codes below.

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