One of the biggest frustrations that experienced website owners have complained about in the last while is the dreaded “Not Provided Keywords” data appearing in Google Analytics. This data can be seen in the traffic sources report of Google Analytics when viewing the keywords your website ranked for. To see my recent video about how to use this report as a savvy marketer, see below.

Now the reason certain keywords appear in this report as not provided is that these people who viewed your website were logged into their Google account at the time they visited your website. Thus Google didn't track their search query to appear in your Google Analytics account but they do ever so sneakily provide the data to you in your Google Adwords account. In other words you have to be a paid advertiser with Google to get this data.

To say that this outraged many website owners is an understatement! Keyword data is arguably the single most important metric you should be looking at in your Analytics account. When Google implemented this change it effectively slashed the accuracy of the data you were receiving and limiting your ability to see the full picture.

However I have found a sneaky little work around, which is described in the video.


The Basic Process is as follows

  • Log into Google analytics
  • View the traffic sources overview report


  • Click on not provided

 View Not Provided GA

  • Click on secondary dimension
  • Choose Landing Page (Under Traffic sources option)

 GA overview

  • Now you have an idea what keyword may have triggered your visits

It is not a perfect method but the closest thing we are going to get to accurate data after these changes by Google. 


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