Step 7 : Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

This is a lesson that a lot of people have no idea about.
I was lucky enough to have heard from a mentor who had a friend who joined a mastermind group at Google’s Canadian office in Toronto.
He said it was a lot of stuff he already knew – basically the lessons you have already learned and will learn in the future. He was disappointed he didn’t get any new insights…except for one that is.
Apparently, Google recognizes if your website has a privacy policy. I am not sure how much it matters, they didn’t discuss the weight they give it, but if it matters to Google, it matters to us!
For this step, simply add a privacy policy to your website.  You can add it anyway you want. You can add it as a page in your navigation, or as a link in your footer. Just have the link actually say “Privacy Policy” and make sure it links to a good privacy policy.
Here is a sample Privacy Policy. You can use all of this policy or just choose the parts of it that make sense to your website:

Action Item:

  • Create and add a privacy policy to your website
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