Step 6 : Images File Name

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 Images File Name

OK, maybe the proverb is a bit of an exaggeration. A picture isn’t really worth a thousand keywords, but it can certainly help if you name your images properly.
You can do this yourself if you know how (it depends on what system you are using for your website) or once again you can ask your web designer. I hope you don’t have an absentee web designer because that is a common online problem!
Anyways, renaming your pictures has a couple benefits:
Google will be visiting your site. Google has “robots (software that ranks websites)” that check out your site. The thing is, these robots don’t see pictures or colors etc…  They only see text. So they don’t see your pictures, but they do see the name of the pictures. It certainly can’t hurt if Google sees more instances of your keywords on your site!
Another reason to rename images is that Google has a great image search. Your images can show up in these searches and lead to web traffic. I personally have received many thousands of visitors over the last few months just from Google image search, so please don’t neglect this strategy.
For this next step rename all of the images on your website. This can be a bit of a process and the step isn’t integral but if you want a boost in your rankings, give it a try.
If you have too many images, or don’t want to start this process, keep it in mind moving forward. When you add new images start titling them with your keywords.

Action Item:

  • Amend your image filenames and ALT text
  • If you struggle with this step ask your website designer to assist
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