Asking backlinks to your friends, family, and colleagues

This is the first lesson about where to get backlinks, this is one of the simplest methods… Just ask your friends, family and business contacts!
Anyone you know who has a website may have a spot for a back link.  It can not hurt to ask. 
***NOTE*** One for one link trades are not very effective, if your friends/family won't link to your site without you reciprocating, then try to offer them something other than a link back to their site.  If you trade one for one links, they almost cancel out in Google's eyes.  You can still do it of course, but if you can get a backlink without reciprocating, do it!
Just start with your family – any of your kids have blogs?  What about your extended family?  Once you have exhausted that route, move on to friends and then eventually business contacts.  It couldn't be simpler to ask people, just email them…
Hey Joe,
Ted here, hope all is well!  I am just contacting you because I was curious if you would mind linking to my website?  I am just trying to expand my web presence.  It would be super helpful if the link could say “Toronto Landscaping” as well.  If you need the code for that, I have it handy here:
     <a href=””>Toronto Landscaping</a>

You can just copy and paste that into the code of your site anywhere!  I appreciate the link and if there is anything you need just let me know.

That is just an example, but it shows how easy it is to ask.  Even if only a couple people help you out, it can make a big difference.
If you don't feel comfortable doing that though, don't worry, future lessons will look at some ways you can get backlinks on your own!

Action Item:

  • Begin asking friends, family and colleagues about linking their websites to yours
  • Another excellent resource for link building is called SEOprofiler
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