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Search engines love blogs because they are normally information rich and provide answers to specific questions that people may have about a topic. By creating a blog of your own you will benefit from increased love from Google but at the same time have the opportunity to talk about more interesting topics related to your business that might not typically fit into the traditional “Home | About us | Services | Contact” pages. 

When you have a blog you have a powerful tool to express your opinion either as a personal entity or as a commercial entity. My tip though for commercial bloggers is that you still inject some personality into the blogs, because no-one reads boring blogs. Period…

How do you create a blog you may ask? 

Well there are a few options including places like Blogger, Tumblr, Posterous etc. 

However my strong recommendation would be a self hosted WordPress blog that you install on your own domain.

There are numerous benefits to this that we don’t have time to go into detail in this email message but trust me on this one – get WordPress! Then get the other blogs such as Posterous, Tumblr and Blogger to link back to your main WordPress blog. This will lead to a little bit of link juice love, which will help your main blog rank higher    

Once you have setup WordPress you will need to create a schedule to maintain it. More on this in our next email in the next few days. 

Action Item:

  • Begin a blog for your online business
  • Install WordPress on your domain name (We can help you with this for $50 here)
  • Sign up to other services like Tumblr, Posterous and Blogger and point them to your main WordPress blog 
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